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This State Labor Government has run the state into a debt so large that our grandchildren will be paying for it. The ruling junta will go to great spin to divert attention from the responsibility for the truth.

Barely 800,000 of the total population of 1.58 million provide the revenue by their personal and corporate effort, yet the Government has gambled and lost $2.9 billion of it from investments. Has Treasury become so flush with money that it can afford to ignore this huge loss? or paying the debts? or making no attempt to recover $184 million from over 500,000 unpaid fines – one third of the entire state population?

Is the rest of the State just the milch for this citycentric mentality?. Think about it, Dear Reader.The city is a constant liability. It provides no wealth for the community and drains the resources provided by the rest of the State.with little and nothing provided by Government in return. Is the pre election Holloway plan to increase city population by another half a million souls 30 year wizardry?. A plan that makes no mention of the infrastructure to support such an increase.

Almost as bad as the Treasurer pontificating that the $8 billion owed to the Public Service “would be on track by 2034” – 25 year wizardry.


The UN has held another Green Summit in Nagoya, Japan to save the wild species—again. The planet’s temperatures have failed to increase for 12 years, and the public is losing interest in man-made global warming. So, back to the cuddly wild animals as the excuse for shutting down the modern world.

The UN’s problem is that we aren’t currently losing species, or very few. The current wildlife extinction rate is the lowest in 500 years—according to the UN Environmental Program’s own World Atlas of Biodiversity.

The old wooden-ship explorers have already spread Norway rats, cats, and weed seeds all over the world. The extinctions on the little islands have mostly happened already. The last flightless Dodo bird was roasted in 1681. Ancient primitive hunters have already wiped out the wooly mammoths and the cave bears.

Modern Global Warmers predicted “million lost species” haven’t been lost, or even endangered. Numerous studies have shown that, far from the birds and butterflies going extinct, they are expanding their ranges and adopting new food habits during the modest warming of the past century.

We’ve lost the Golden Toad of Costa Rica, which is sad. But the peer-reviewed studies don’t blame global warming. R.O. Lawton of the University of Alabama-Huntsville found that the clearing of the forests below the Golden Toad’s cloud-forest home had changed the hydrology of the forest.

A more recent study used stable isotopes from the cloud forest’s own trees to reconstruct a century of its dry-season moisture history. The greatest bio-stress comes during the El Nines. Anchukaitas and Evans found the extinction of the golden toad “coincided with an exceptionally dry interval caused by the 1986–87 El Nino event.” They specifically state: “There is no evidence of a trend associated with global warming.”

Worried about the polar bears? Recent studies show that the polar bear population has increased from around 5,000 to 25,000 since 1970. Basically, it’s the result of more responsible hunting. A new paper used paleoclimate records to model the Arctic’s ice history over the past 10,000 years. The authors conclude that during the much-warmer centuries of the early Holocene (6000–8000 years ago) the Arctic probably was completely ice-free in some periods. The polar bear, as a species, goes back about 200,000 years. How did it weather the Holocene Warming?

What about the cute little pika, the smallest member of the rabbit family, which likes high-altitude rock-piles and harvests grass for winter fodder? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently told us—to howls of rage from eco-activists—that “the best available scientific information indicates that pikas will be able to survive despite higher temperatures. Pikas will have enough suitable high-elevation habitat to prevent them from becoming threatened or endangered.”

Remember, too, one of the pikas’ favorite territories is the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. John Christy recently found “there has been no change in summer nighttime temperatures in the adjacent Sierra Nevada Mountains. Summer daytime temperatures in the six-county area have actually cooled slightly since 1910.”


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Greens MP Mark Parnell says there is no safe way to mine uranium with the insitu acid leach process and this method should be stopped.

Well, there is no safe way to process gold either with the cyanide heap leach process on the surface but typical of the Greens, Mark Parnell has no idea. Would he or the Greens advocate to ban gold mining because of the risk of cyanide residues?. Hardly, It is both
fatuous and without evidence and plainly not true that “most developed countries don’t allow it”

Any mining has an impact on the environment, whether it is
acceptable or not is generally conditional on the rules and to suggest that uranium mining be phased out as soon as possible lacks any understanding of World energy demands for the future in which Australia plays a major part.

Mr. Parnell might earn credit for a vision if he and the Greens were an
advocate for uranium processing to the fuel stage in Austrailia- it makes more sense than shipping the ore to be processed in Canada now that Russia is to build 12 new nuclear power plants in India.

Mr. Conlon, the South Australia Transport Minister starts to spin about speed being the magic measure of his vision to electrify part of the rail system during his next 4 years in office.

Well, forget the speed, the crossings, the timetables and over a hundred similar pedestrian comments on AdelaideNow website. The issue is Tonsley Park and the failure of a clear vision for the future to build the rolling stock and infrastructure for the tram and train rail transport system .

A chance has been clearly evident for the past 5 years to create designs both for specific carriage to use the same upgraded tracks.. Here was a chance to showcase our talents to the world wasted in the continuing theatre of political self interest.. The $50 million spent for the Clipsal property for “Tuscany Townhouses” sits idle waiting for PPP banksters.That sort of money may do more lasting benefit for the State spent at Tonsley after it had been acquired for the cost of 5 of those $6 million dollar secondhand trams that were imported.

This huge intact former Mitsubishi plant is home for an insignificant little TAFE in one of the front offices and its potential sits idle for the past 6 years, ignored in favour of political self interest. Together with the Engineering Faculties of the University, one of the best engineering campuses in the Nation could so easily be established in the process of re tooling the plant to manufacture and assemble the rolling stock and infrastructure for a modern high speed light rail tram and train system.

The need is for a bold plan to recover engineering skills that are now lost to China and India. China is building a $30 billion electrified countrywide rail system for Brazil. We could do that

Uranium Dust in Antarctica? This appeared ABC Online today.

“An ice core from the Antarctic bears traces of uranium that may have been carried by the wind from Australian mines in 1995, a glacier expert has told a Chilean newspaper.The minuscule amounts of the radioactive element “correspond to a year (1995) when Australia increased its uranium production,” Ricardo Jana, who participates in an international research effort in the frozen continent, told the El Mercurio daily.He said scientists theorise the uranium particles were carried by the wind from Australia and deposited in the northern part of the Antarctic’s Detroit peninsula.”

Well, the Chilean should chill out and come to Australia during one of our usual summer dust storms in the bush lifting huge amounts of uranium rich earth into the atmosphere for past eons, sometimes for days on end, a natural phenomenon. Perhaps Dr. Jana feels left out of the ecoscientific circle after Copenhagen and needs the publicity?

Read Story http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/03/2888354.htm

Mr Rudd is on record that,” there would be cash assistance for 3.6 million middle income households, half of which would be fully compensated for extra expenses”.( incurred as a result of the ETS being passed on to consumers) ‘

“Single pensioners would get an extra $455 a year as compensation and couples $686 and the hundreds of millions,”would come from forcing industries to buy permits for the tonnage of carbon pollution they produce” A Greens Senator has written to a friend of mine imploring her to to write to her MP “to get the ETS passed”

Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute, a U.S. Think Tank sent this to me a day ago.

The giant state of California has created only 48,000 “green jobs” over the 13 years from 1995 to 2008. Green jobs still make up only 1 percent of California’s economy. Worse, says State Senator Bob Dutton, the high energy taxes needed to create those few green jobs are at the same time killing millions of jobs in all sorts of industries across the state. California’s unemployment has soared from less than 5 percent to more than 12 percent since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the California Global Warming Solutions Act three years ago.

The governor promised that the global warming tax would “create a whole new industry to pump up our economy, a clean-tech industry that creates jobs, sparks new cutting-edge technology and will be a model for the rest of the nation and the rest of the world.” Instead, the global warming taxes will drive up the prices of all non-renewable energy—as they were intended to do. ( Did Penny Wong copy this legislation? RS)

California taxpayers will now pay for wind turbines and solar panels made in China, while California has lost more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs. Business relocation specialist Joseph Vranich says he’s working full time to help companies flee California’s rising costs and restrictions. He warns that no one is calling about moving into the Golden State.

Senator Dutton points to CalPortland Cement, which has cancelled its California expansion plans and is considering a Nevada location instead. It recently closed a cement operation in Colton, laying off 100 workers.

That’s a preview of the “green jobs” impact. The manufacturing—and farming ( In the US)—will be done in places that don’t impose energy taxes. If the Congress imposes import tariffs, that still won’t provide cost-effective energy for American farming, manufacturing, or transport. With far less energy available, our standards of living must drop dramatically. ( Australia imported $100 million food products from China in 2009. Is that just a beginning? RS)

The Wall Street Journal reports the Southern California Public Power Authority is warning of a 30 percent hike in electric rates. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has told business to expect a 21 percent hike this year. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the city must raise rates because “the State is breathing down our necks . . . where we could be looking at fines of $300 million [in 2012] and $600 million on top of that.” ( SA has been warned of a 30% power price hike. RS)

All of this in spite of the low correlation between CO2 and our thermometer records—22 percent. The correlation with sunspots is 79 percent. Does Washington care? Or does President Obama want $6 gasoline, tripled electric bills—and $800 billion per year in energy taxes to “spread the wealth” among his allies? (End) ( Is Rudd “spreading the wealth” by giving me $455 a year” to cover increased costs when a loaf of bread – the wheat costs 20 cents – has already reached $5.20? RS)

The U.S. Is fortunate that there are States that have not created an ETS, offering an alternative to such high costs that cause loss of jobs, albeit a quiet exodus, but Australia is not insulated ( sorry !) because the ETS plan is Federal. Shall we see a new exodus to stay in business? Bonds taking their undies off to China would pale in comparison and today Senator Nick X has waded into the Food from China.

A Fascist State ? This is Mussolini’s definition quoted in Harpers January 2002. ” Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of State and corporate power”
A Fascist State? Public-Private Partnerships? Secret meetings with PPP developers? If the ICAC was only created for this practice that has surfaced since THAT hospital became an issue , it would be the best thing to stop the selling out the State tax revenue for profit of a few.

It has turned politicians into bigger frauds, increasing taxation while changing a democracy that elected them into a corporatocracy. Constantly spinning the illusion that expanding the Public Service is evidence of a State in control. The cost of Governance then increases proportionately to show ” achievements” while in office, and the PPP’s transfer the tax into their bank.

Mussolini’s definition of fascism clearly fits the pattern of governance in SA where almost all of the traditional liabilities and responsibilities of Government in a transparent and accountable democratic society are sold off. SA Water is but one example, and the $10 million paid to 4 PPP developers for scrapping the Monarto Gaol project,” because it is the right thing to do”, is another.

But the biggest fraud is to constantly spin the cost of THAT hospital at $1.7 billion when in fact it would cost $8 billion if built by a PPP developer and bankers financed over 30 years. But coincidentally, the annual cost of principle and interest is exactly, and I mean exactly, the $264 million a year Mr. Rudd has promised SA to Federalize the health system. Coincidence?
To view article and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/parents-reject-super-school-viability/story-fn2sdwup-1225840648406


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