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I’ll say it again. That hospital grandiosity being built in Adelaide costing $1 million a day for he next 35 years will take another 8 years before any facility except the carpark can be used and in the 35 year timeline will bleed every other health facility in the State.

But politicians made sure they come first with an extra $40,000 a year to cover their Facebook and Twitter workload plus a 16% add on to their Super. Yet, denied the nurses a lousy 2.5% over 3 years. Go ahead, attack the most vulnerable,

The Office of the Premier with over 1000 staff cost $21 million a year under Rann and there are over 8000 cars having 7 accidents a day costing $1.4 million for repairs. What’s next Mr. Hill? The Minister. Washing the Band Aids to save money?

You cannot view comment online because Big Brother has removed them after they were published.: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/cost-crisis-as-safety-bills-cripple-aged-care-and-nursing-homes/story-fndo1gb8-1226468124530



The former Defence Force Chief. General Cosgrove, says that Climate Change has forced the issue for Nuclear Power and criticized the constant scrapping over the need to build them.(The Australian,Feb 4 2010) Well, Dear Reader, he is not alone.

Nuclear Power, from small reactors, a new trend.(Article from: Agence France-Presse Tokyo October 24, 2009 02:03pm)

MAJOR nuclear reactor manufacturers in Japan have begun developing small nuclear power systems for both developed and emerging countries, a report says Toshiba is developing an ultra-compact reactor with an output of about 10,000 kilowatts and has started procedures for approval in the US, the Nikkei business daily said.
The new reactor, the Toshiba 4S, is designed to minimise the need for monitoring and maintenance, with an automatic shutdown function to ensure safety in case of problems, the newspaper said.

Toshiba plans to market the reactor first in the US, while foreseeing demand from emerging countries in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe as well as in Africa, it said.

Mitsubishi has separately completed the concept design for a pressurised-water reactor with a power output of around 350,000 kilowatts, and Hitachi also aims to develop a boiling-water reactor with a capacity of 400,000-600,000 kilowatts for use in Southeast Asia and other countries, it said. World wide there are currently 427 in commission from several manufacturers

Demand for nuclear power stations has been growing around the world. A total of 151 were under construction or slated for construction in 27 countries as of the end of 2008, it said.

The Russians are to build 12 in India. Yet we are still stuffing around with the waste repository, processing the ore to fuel grade and the most important aspect for a cleaner future, leaving coal in the ground until a better use is found for it.

Mr. Conlon, the South Australia Transport Minister starts to spin about speed being the magic measure of his vision to electrify part of the rail system during his next 4 years in office.

Well, forget the speed, the crossings, the timetables and over a hundred similar pedestrian comments on AdelaideNow website. The issue is Tonsley Park and the failure of a clear vision for the future to build the rolling stock and infrastructure for the tram and train rail transport system .

A chance has been clearly evident for the past 5 years to create designs both for specific carriage to use the same upgraded tracks.. Here was a chance to showcase our talents to the world wasted in the continuing theatre of political self interest.. The $50 million spent for the Clipsal property for “Tuscany Townhouses” sits idle waiting for PPP banksters.That sort of money may do more lasting benefit for the State spent at Tonsley after it had been acquired for the cost of 5 of those $6 million dollar secondhand trams that were imported.

This huge intact former Mitsubishi plant is home for an insignificant little TAFE in one of the front offices and its potential sits idle for the past 6 years, ignored in favour of political self interest. Together with the Engineering Faculties of the University, one of the best engineering campuses in the Nation could so easily be established in the process of re tooling the plant to manufacture and assemble the rolling stock and infrastructure for a modern high speed light rail tram and train system.

The need is for a bold plan to recover engineering skills that are now lost to China and India. China is building a $30 billion electrified countrywide rail system for Brazil. We could do that

Uranium Dust in Antarctica? This appeared ABC Online today.

“An ice core from the Antarctic bears traces of uranium that may have been carried by the wind from Australian mines in 1995, a glacier expert has told a Chilean newspaper.The minuscule amounts of the radioactive element “correspond to a year (1995) when Australia increased its uranium production,” Ricardo Jana, who participates in an international research effort in the frozen continent, told the El Mercurio daily.He said scientists theorise the uranium particles were carried by the wind from Australia and deposited in the northern part of the Antarctic’s Detroit peninsula.”

Well, the Chilean should chill out and come to Australia during one of our usual summer dust storms in the bush lifting huge amounts of uranium rich earth into the atmosphere for past eons, sometimes for days on end, a natural phenomenon. Perhaps Dr. Jana feels left out of the ecoscientific circle after Copenhagen and needs the publicity?

Read Story http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/03/2888354.htm

Mr Rudd is on record that,” there would be cash assistance for 3.6 million middle income households, half of which would be fully compensated for extra expenses”.( incurred as a result of the ETS being passed on to consumers) ‘

“Single pensioners would get an extra $455 a year as compensation and couples $686 and the hundreds of millions,”would come from forcing industries to buy permits for the tonnage of carbon pollution they produce” A Greens Senator has written to a friend of mine imploring her to to write to her MP “to get the ETS passed”

Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute, a U.S. Think Tank sent this to me a day ago.

The giant state of California has created only 48,000 “green jobs” over the 13 years from 1995 to 2008. Green jobs still make up only 1 percent of California’s economy. Worse, says State Senator Bob Dutton, the high energy taxes needed to create those few green jobs are at the same time killing millions of jobs in all sorts of industries across the state. California’s unemployment has soared from less than 5 percent to more than 12 percent since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the California Global Warming Solutions Act three years ago.

The governor promised that the global warming tax would “create a whole new industry to pump up our economy, a clean-tech industry that creates jobs, sparks new cutting-edge technology and will be a model for the rest of the nation and the rest of the world.” Instead, the global warming taxes will drive up the prices of all non-renewable energy—as they were intended to do. ( Did Penny Wong copy this legislation? RS)

California taxpayers will now pay for wind turbines and solar panels made in China, while California has lost more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs. Business relocation specialist Joseph Vranich says he’s working full time to help companies flee California’s rising costs and restrictions. He warns that no one is calling about moving into the Golden State.

Senator Dutton points to CalPortland Cement, which has cancelled its California expansion plans and is considering a Nevada location instead. It recently closed a cement operation in Colton, laying off 100 workers.

That’s a preview of the “green jobs” impact. The manufacturing—and farming ( In the US)—will be done in places that don’t impose energy taxes. If the Congress imposes import tariffs, that still won’t provide cost-effective energy for American farming, manufacturing, or transport. With far less energy available, our standards of living must drop dramatically. ( Australia imported $100 million food products from China in 2009. Is that just a beginning? RS)

The Wall Street Journal reports the Southern California Public Power Authority is warning of a 30 percent hike in electric rates. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has told business to expect a 21 percent hike this year. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the city must raise rates because “the State is breathing down our necks . . . where we could be looking at fines of $300 million [in 2012] and $600 million on top of that.” ( SA has been warned of a 30% power price hike. RS)

All of this in spite of the low correlation between CO2 and our thermometer records—22 percent. The correlation with sunspots is 79 percent. Does Washington care? Or does President Obama want $6 gasoline, tripled electric bills—and $800 billion per year in energy taxes to “spread the wealth” among his allies? (End) ( Is Rudd “spreading the wealth” by giving me $455 a year” to cover increased costs when a loaf of bread – the wheat costs 20 cents – has already reached $5.20? RS)

The U.S. Is fortunate that there are States that have not created an ETS, offering an alternative to such high costs that cause loss of jobs, albeit a quiet exodus, but Australia is not insulated ( sorry !) because the ETS plan is Federal. Shall we see a new exodus to stay in business? Bonds taking their undies off to China would pale in comparison and today Senator Nick X has waded into the Food from China.

It is self evident that there are many good people, of honest intent and passionate who believe they have what it takes and who are prepared to make many personal sacrifices as political candidates to serve the Nation. But offer themselves to this noble duty as members of a political party because right there is the support base, and so often the party corrupts them with pure party interests of tenure after election when they are elevated into positions of power having neither the life experience, the morality or the talent to exercise it. The debt is merely evident of the problem that shows in other ways too. Over 100 Ruddites to Copenhagen, none of them scientists, more than double the number of delegates from Britain, a Nation with much more to gain from the success of a binding commitment than Australia, or Mike Rann, the Premier of SA as Tail- end-Charlie. Perhaps the corrupt morality of the visceral stimulus packages need a wedge of reality from Independents to curb the spending.

Both political parties have lost their identity. The disclosure concerning Mr. Brown, a former Liberal Premier and his $800,000 for consultancy to the Labor Government merely continues to fuel the perception of collusion.Perception is more powerful than the facts silently and secretly challenging any attempt to be believable.

The $8 billion of unfunded liability to the Public Service that “will be on track by 2034” is an example and over 2500 questions remaining unanswered in the Parliament is another.A division of the philosophies of the two Parties is often hazy and contradictory and what one Party holds close today may well become the other Party’s tomorrow. But, at any given time, the differences have been necessary in theory and often fabricated to show a difference, because if there in none, then what is the point of having a Two Party System?

In most ways these differences have not been related to a measure of truth or honesty and transparency or what is good for the State, but massaged for what is good for the Party or the politician seeking power. The political game is carried on above and away from the community – like a couple of thieves who have decided to steal all the chickens from the chicken house. Their fight over them has little to do with the captured chickens well-being. The politician’s
war is merely a power game using the community for political gain

There is a chance in this election to restore community values to governance instead of the arrogant use of power by the present administration, which the Opposition has often failed to successfully challenge. The Independents are getting stronger, driven by the chronic need for transparency. Very often The Advertiser, not always perfect, exposes a thread extracted from the tangled web where the elected Opposition fails. If indeed, it were not so we would have had no effective Opposition to the corrupt morality of the two Party dominants. The Libs might well protest, but the Libs sitting down at dinners paid for by developers for no other reason than to level the playing field with the Government says a great deal about them.

All development proposals to Government that require public funds should be signed off by both sides of the Parliament at the same time with all hands on the table. The wine and T-Bone steak is immaterial and the Mr. Browns of the deal would then be respected.


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