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Soon, there will be fewer teachers unless the Education system recognises the other part it plays in bringing up children to be acceptable to the society in which they live. Where parenting is failing, who or what else is there?

The grandiosities of super schools and the billionitis big shot mentality of politicians is unreal. Our State is broke. With more than $8 billion liability to the PS non existent,over $2 billion shortfall in Work Cover and over $2.9 billion of the revenue “lost from investments” instead of paying the bills over the past few years, we need to stop the PPT – Politics of Party Tenure. March 20, Independents Day

To view feature and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/classrooms-being-turned-into-mini-jails/story-e6frfkvr-1225840695518


The death of a Queensland schoolboy who was stabbed by a schoolmate is a clear wake up to the education system to include the Rule of Law and Community Values being taught to children in the years of the education system before a teen mindset.

Teachers and their Union cannot continue to deny the
substantial role they play in bringing up children to be acceptable to the society in which they live. I cannot believe the teachers are barely aware of what those values are or fail to care about the role they play for more than 12 years of a child’s life.

In SA over the past few weeks, a 10 year old threatening a bus driver with a knife and the harrowing daily reports of youth killing themselves, their friends and the innocents.

“A one-off incident” says the Education Department,a teacher KO’d with a brick. But there are almost 3000 other incidents of student assaults on teachers. Are they also one off?

What a thoroughly stupid and arrogant comment to make for the decline of community values reaching such a dimension. “Charge the student”,they said. Call the Police, go into lockdowns, and build more gaols, courtrooms,and some indefinable thing called counselling …..but above all, blame the parents.

There will be no end to this well after school days past the teen years if the education system does not change with the times and get serious with causes. What is the use of the 3 R’s and the grandiosity of super schools if the 4th one is missing – respect. Is the Education system creating too many educated thugs?

To view comment online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/violence-in-our-classrooms/story-e6frea83-1225834928483

Attitude is part of being acceptable to the society in which we live. It is also attitude, being selfish, rude, arrogant and “up you mate” with no care or respect that gets fired up with booze and drugs – and death.

One in 5 road deaths are drug or booze related, 60 a week lose their lives. Attitude needs to be changed with the young and the Education system would be a good starting point where parenting has not set an example or is not strong enough to counter peer pressure to do so.

To view comment online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/opinion/road-safety-must-be-taught-to-our-young/story-e6freabl-1225833656021

Legislation to change free medical to a user pays system and billing for all the consequences of self inflicted booze and drugs is long overdue – why should folks at home in bed pay for all that fun? Just think for a moment that if the cost of police, ambulance, and hospital casualty intervention had to be paid for in 7 days, it would be a more powerful no cost deterrent to such social sabotage. Similarly the damage to property, to third parties and sadly, the innocents.

Millions spent by Government over the years, more police and more jails and failure to collect over $174 million in unpaid fines from over 500,000 social delinquents in SA alone clearly shows that education programmes, blitzes like this one and increased taxation fail.

Does National Service become an alternative for youth? Border Patrols in the North West offer the chance to again bond the young to each other and ultimately to the Nation instead of the harrowing risks on the streets and the destruction of family life.

Story and public comment http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,26475005-5006301,00.html

Over the past 5 years, an ever increasing waste of revenue from barely 800,000 of the 1.54 million citizrns is a sad reflection on the financial competence of this administration. With more than 2000 questions blocked and diverted in the Parliament with further disclosure blocked by the FOI, it is well that print media, sometimes imperfect, has a far better concern for the community than the Government or the elected Opposition.

I trust Mr. Cappo , you are as ashamed as I am that progress is and was suppressed by political spin. How sad too, that the community has enough reason to distrust this ruling junta for its abuse of the electorate while so caught up in protecting their own affairs. Why indeed, should the 4 preferred contractors for the jails at Monarto be paid $10 million as conscience money for the Government decision to cancel the project? That they were contemplated at all, Mr.Cappo, is an indictment of failure to remove the public cost of the consequences of the self indulgence of booze, tobacco and drugs to user pays. These primary causes of much social sabotage justified a plan for more jails to fix the problem instead of dealing with the causes, more importantly, failure to recognise the need to teach community values and rule of law to children before a teen mindset. Nowhere in the report does this simple observation appear..

To view public comment online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,26347031-5006301,00.html


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