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The SA Government is being pushed to install CCTV in schools to deal with the bullying but it will make little difference to the reality of school life that finds ways and means without being seen or the chorus,”It wasn’t any of us”

An objectionable little prick stealing pencils in the class in my school in 1937 was taken behind the toilets and thumped, while the duty teacher was supervising the yard – that’s where they will have to put the cameras, Sorry to tell them kids, really I am.

The Parents Associations should be the ones to determine the necessity not some desk bound bureaucrat at a computer. Yet here is another chance for community values to be part of the primary years of the education system before a teen mindset.

What is the use of the Three R’s when Respect, the fourth one, is missing? Respect is the smoother of interpersonal relationships for a lifetime. Over 4000 children dealt with by the Childrens Court in SA last year and the arrogant contempt of a Court Order by FamilesSA, “that rotten culture of power” merely reinforces the need to educate children for community values and to set examples for them to be acceptable to the society in which they live and the time when they will have children of their own.

It begins at an early age. But does the Teaching Degree at a University recognize it? or are we content to teach the Three R’s to a large proportion of those who become educated thugs. A 10 yr old boy held up the bus driver with a knife and girls at a Northern Adelaide school shown on a phone camera beating each other up while the mob cheered them on.

To view latest Editorial story and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/opinion/editorial-revealing-the-value-would-be-fair-trade/story-e6freabl-1225949611459


Every elected politician should be involved in governance for that is the whole purpose of having a Parliament, an election, and being elected. But somehow the Front bench and the Caucus have abandoned the purpose of being there and become corrupted by a self serving junta and any noble virtue to serve the State or the Nation is lost.

One of the most interesting comments posted on pointofviewSA related to the notion that a project of any nature with a cost of over $1 million should be signed off by both sides of the Parliament. There are States in the US that have a Grand Jury to make sure that public expenditure is clean and transparent After all, the majority of votes elected to govern and the Opposition are the Parliament, and it is the Parliament that is the legal instrument of Government not the ruling junta of a few powerheads.

To object on the principle that the electorate has elected one party to do as they like is fatuous and self serving and a weak opposition reinforces it. In SA for instance, the ruling junta, having won governance for another term has decreed that Parliament will only sit for 32 days in the whole of 2010 and so far the Opposition remains silent. Is such an edict an arrogant contempt of the Parliament, or an assumption of a public mandate

Yes, every MP should be involved in affairs of the State and ultimately the Nation all the time, that is if indeed, they have any idea what their responsibility to those affairs are, or who are afraid to challenge a Party leadership for policy change.

It must be very demoralising to be elected to the Parliament only to find that one becomes “just another Party hack” .

” How fortunate for Governments that the people they administer do not think” …..
Adolph Hitler, http://www.geocities,.com/northstarzone/TV.html

The ABC Online Jan 19 reports a drug dealer in Albury N.S.W being arrested after supplying ecstasy that caused the death of a 19 year girl.Two others have been hospitalised from the same event.

Yet, here in South Australia drug dealers are freed on bail and one notable case involving the risk to a policewoman in a sting took 5 years to sentence the dealer. With 1 in 5 road accidents drug related and young women dying from overdose at Kanck type rave parties, isnt it time that drug dealers were charged with attempted manslaughter in this State knowing that the drug can cause death?

Kelly of Flinders Park @#16 http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/new-109m-vow-to-cut-waiting-times/story-fn2sdwup-1225838412583 provides a good reason for the abusive mob of boozed and bombed out airheads to be denied the facilities of a free medical system for their over indulgent selves.

Make them pay for the results of self infliction will release staff and beds for more important and urgent tasks. Bill the cost of Police, ambos and cas staff for all drug and booze related consequences, then let us see. 1 in 5 road deaths are drug related, the 60 deaths a week from booze, the death of children from neglect of drug related parents, and young women dying from dirty drug overdose. Start charging the dealers in SA with attempted manslaughter as in NSW and confiscation of assets to the State to fund rehab will see numbers drop. But this junta is only concerned with its Party tenure from one election to the next and the community is denied

The full story of pre election promise to provide $109 million to free up waiting times to 4 hrs in the city hospitals is at http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/new-109m-vow-to-cut-waiting-times/story-fn2sdwup-1225838412583

A contributor named Divergence, in On line Opinion, responding to another subscriber regarding immigration issues had this to say ,

I thought it reflected the views of the majority and so it is repeated in full .

I am no more anti-immigrant than you are anti-salt if you don’t want a whole tablespoon dumped on your dinner. In reasonable numbers, immigration has significant educational and cultural benefits for the host population, and some enterprises, such as science, have a profoundly international character. I would be jumping up and down just as much if we had no immigration at all and the unsustainable population growth was coming from Australian babies. Unlike you, however, I don’t see mass migration as a sacred cow to which everything else must be sacrificed.

As a number of us have explained, it is quite possible to stabilise our population on a national level. If numbers are not too big, we can afford to give everyone a decent standard of living and some choices in life without having to degrade our agricultural land or wipe out other species.

Unlike you, I don’t regard residents of other countries either as helpless victims of the evil white man or as childlike little brown brothers that we have to rescue. Development really should be easier for them than it was for our own ancestors. They know it is possible and what policies are necessary to achieve it, and can also learn from our mistakes and leapfrog over obsolete, dirty technologies. It took South Korea 35 years to go from being tied with Senegal for poorest country on earth to fully-fledged member of the First World, and it was about the same for Taiwan and Singapore. China has been making enormous progress in lifting people out of poverty. If other people are determined to turn their situation around, there is a lot we can (and should) do to help, but if they persist in supporting corrupt and incompetent leaders, in denying justice to people in other ethnic or religious groups or in other social classes, and in keeping women barefoot, uneducated, and pregnant, there is nothing we can do about it, except prevent their problems from becoming our problems, so far as possible ( Emphasis mine,RS).


The death of a Queensland schoolboy who was stabbed by a schoolmate is a clear wake up to the education system to include the Rule of Law and Community Values being taught to children in the years of the education system before a teen mindset.

Teachers and their Union cannot continue to deny the
substantial role they play in bringing up children to be acceptable to the society in which they live. I cannot believe the teachers are barely aware of what those values are or fail to care about the role they play for more than 12 years of a child’s life.

In SA over the past few weeks, a 10 year old threatening a bus driver with a knife and the harrowing daily reports of youth killing themselves, their friends and the innocents.

“A one-off incident” says the Education Department,a teacher KO’d with a brick. But there are almost 3000 other incidents of student assaults on teachers. Are they also one off?

What a thoroughly stupid and arrogant comment to make for the decline of community values reaching such a dimension. “Charge the student”,they said. Call the Police, go into lockdowns, and build more gaols, courtrooms,and some indefinable thing called counselling …..but above all, blame the parents.

There will be no end to this well after school days past the teen years if the education system does not change with the times and get serious with causes. What is the use of the 3 R’s and the grandiosity of super schools if the 4th one is missing – respect. Is the Education system creating too many educated thugs?

To view comment online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/violence-in-our-classrooms/story-e6frea83-1225834928483


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