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A Fascist State ? This is Mussolini’s definition quoted in Harpers January 2002. ” Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of State and corporate power”
A Fascist State? Public-Private Partnerships? Secret meetings with PPP developers? If the ICAC was only created for this practice that has surfaced since THAT hospital became an issue , it would be the best thing to stop the selling out the State tax revenue for profit of a few.

It has turned politicians into bigger frauds, increasing taxation while changing a democracy that elected them into a corporatocracy. Constantly spinning the illusion that expanding the Public Service is evidence of a State in control. The cost of Governance then increases proportionately to show ” achievements” while in office, and the PPP’s transfer the tax into their bank.

Mussolini’s definition of fascism clearly fits the pattern of governance in SA where almost all of the traditional liabilities and responsibilities of Government in a transparent and accountable democratic society are sold off. SA Water is but one example, and the $10 million paid to 4 PPP developers for scrapping the Monarto Gaol project,” because it is the right thing to do”, is another.

But the biggest fraud is to constantly spin the cost of THAT hospital at $1.7 billion when in fact it would cost $8 billion if built by a PPP developer and bankers financed over 30 years. But coincidentally, the annual cost of principle and interest is exactly, and I mean exactly, the $264 million a year Mr. Rudd has promised SA to Federalize the health system. Coincidence?
To view article and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/parents-reject-super-school-viability/story-fn2sdwup-1225840648406


“TAXPAYERS may never know if they were tricked into overpaying United Water millions of dollars because the company and the Rann Government are seeking an out-of-court settlement.The Supreme Court yesterday heard the parties are trying, behind closed doors, to resolve claims United Water inflated its rates so taxpayers would fund its international operations” ( AdelaideNow, March 13)

Of course, Mr Rann would avoid any further erosion of the credibility or honesty and transparency of his Government! These are public funds and we are all shareholders and I am surprised that the Court did not give merit to the transparency of Government business. This is just another dimension to how the process of privatisation to rein in previous Labor Government debt has become the basis of an urgent need for scrutiny by an ICAC much closer to the smoke than Canberra.

The new Labor Government concept of Government responsibility for public funded utility infrastructure is to just count the beans after such responsibility is “taken over” by high flying PPP developers. There is an obvious need for credibility, and must not only be seen to be a fair and honest deal but prove to be so. Secret meetings between Ministers paid for by developers created some grief for the Opposition bemoaning a “level playing field”.

Indeed, any connection between the French firm and the desal plant becomes suspect for not only the cost and the convenient “blow out” to follow but the use of public taxation funds in the process.

Full Story http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/closed-door-talks-to-settle-case-of-inflated-water-prices/story-fn2sdwup-12258

Over 100 Ruddites in Copenhagen and Mr. Rann following like Tail-end-Charlie. Hard to know just what contribution they all made but whatever it was, it is today a failure on the grandest scale.

But Penny Wong, trying to convince herself and us that Copenhagen was a done deal and therefore justification for all nations to sign up was not aware of the lessons of history.Well intended agreements that exist are constantly eroded by successive Governments. Nations would never agree to a monitoring system for their emissions. From that point everyone should have returned home.

What effect for the World is possible if only Australia curbs its emissions by an ETS while the rest of the industrial nations carry on as usual? If the C02 is rising in the atmosphere it requires a great deal more vegetation to consume it and in the process of photosynthesis provide the oxygen for life, not a tax. The impact will be from the extra 2 billion souls born over the next 40 years (U.N.)- an increase of one third.

To view comment online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/garrett-demoted-over-insulation-debacle/story-e6frea6u-1225834855835

“Senator Wong said the big problems in the talks were the targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions, how to verify that countries made good on their climate promises, and how to finance poorer countries to tackle global warming. (Well, we all knew that Penny Wong.) Ms Hand though, Australia’s Official Person, in her speech, also drew attention to the problem in deciding what legal form a new climate deal should take – a hot topic which relates to the future of the Kyoto protocol.”

Well, nice try…to get Nations together again after Geneva and the war to end all wars in 1918, then the U.N.after another war to end all wars in 1945 but history has clearly shown that there is no such thing as obtuse Nations doing anything together for the common good least of all in good faith. More so when rising populations with rising affluence become consumers of manufactured goods from polluting processes. The U.N. says another 2.9 billion by 2040, an increase of one third, Penny Wong, one third. Therein lies the problem of trying to create a new World Order.

If the causes of climate change, are indeed man made, then the answer is unclear and requires the sacrifice of vested interests. Legislating an Emissions Trading Scheme is Australia’s example, but if it is the forever changing elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun then the answer is clear..adapt to it as all other life on Earth has adapted to climate change. But the melting of the Ice Caps raising the sea levels before they begin to freeze again create a problem for some of the Pacific Nations…this is the area to prepare for a different future on higher ground….. in rented space?. In the meantime it appears that Copenhagen is all about money.

“Copenhagen will not save the Planet” at http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,26479373-5005962,00.html

I still have a problem with the numbers of single fit men running away to Australia. No one from a terrorist nation should be allowed in. If they don’t like it there, then change it themselves and don’t hide here and expect our young men and women to risk their lives to fix it for them. Running away and bringing their ideology says a great deal about them. Is this being used for the opportunity for infiltration of another kind? Having lived and worked in the region, it is a very much hand to mouth that produces nothing except the barest existence and for Afghanistan, relies upon the patronage of the local chiefdoms who trickle down the wealth from the narco economy, a large part of which is supported by the drug dealers of Australia.

It is worth repeating that we should.enforce the understanding and compliance with our language and laws instead of allowing cultural sensitivities to slow down integration. Government literature to inform in 12 languages is supporting cultural ghettos. We are one nation with one flag and one language and integration is seriously retarded where language is delayed in any way..

Christmas Island.
So the recreational facilities are restricted and the tea and coffee a bit of a problem and so charges are likely to be laid and the Federal Police will intervene. It is both naive and quite pedestrian to think that anyone would care if they are prepared to accept death to set out on the journey at the start. “The pool cues are broken and the rioters will be threatened with deportation and not have their status considered”. Tut tut

Conditions are getting crowded? This will not do and broken pool cues?What will the rest of the World think of us? Well, we aint seen nothin’ yet. The brawls are just the beginning and should get the widest possible photo publicity with razor wire background countered with emphasis on due process and the priority of families with children. Laying charges? How very proper. it will mean nothing and a waste of time, money and resources but we will feel good about it, won’t we?being proper I mean, and we like to feel good about ourselves when we are being proper, don’t we?

Just what is it that we are afraid of Mr. Rudd?


Some time ago after he was elected and then appointed Immigration Minister, Chris Evans publicly announced that he was not happy with the fact that his office was not transparent and set about to change the situation. For that alone we suggested that he deserved an accolade for making a rare comment in the National interest instead of Party interest and we wished that his tribe may increase.

A sharp sense of duty from politicians is indeed rare. Sharman Stone of the Opposition has much to learn from the facts rather than the perception. Firstly,the safety of the ship and her crew, who were outnumbered ,would override any and every other consideration while they remained on board and I especially focus that comment on the Greens to reflect on their sense of duty to the Nation rather than themselves. Any means at all to get them off the vessel has no argument, least of all a political one.

So what, there is or was a deal? Just what deal would Sharman Stone make or Sarah Hanson-Young and the Greens make, if members of the crew were held hostage and the ship hijacked to ransom of one kind or another?


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