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From AdelaideNow, today Nov 13

FEDERAL Regional Minister Simon Crean has criticised the Murray-Darling Basin Authority for being “one dimensional” with the way it prepared its controversial plan to cut water allocations and save the basin.
The Australian Conservation Foundation has also attacked the MDBA for a lack of adequate modellng in its plan …

Having developed the infrastructure, the plantings and water distribution system for the Ramco Heights Irrigation area near Waikerie in the 60’s, the River has been a major part of my life.

It was not the “lack of adequate modeling” of the Basin Authority but the lack of proportion. The opposite to cutting 4000 gigs from the flow for any reason was to provide it or more by advocating the construction of the means to do so.

Strange, that a 60’s survey plan submitted to State Government to bring water from Argyle to Burke is ignored or the practical suggestions since then to channel water from Queensland as insurance to waterproof the nations food bowl are not even considered. Yet the reality is “drought and flooding rains”.

The means to offset the droughts have been pushed aside for an idiotic notion that by paying millions to buy water licenses during a drought from irrigators of food and putting them to the wall, the river would suddenly flow?

What a monumental waste of time and money this has been when an engineering survey for supply from the North could have been completed in less time at a fraction of the cost for a project no more difficult than the Snowy.

To view story and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/crean-critical-of-basin-rescue-plan/story-e6frebju-1225952874011


Imagine Dear Reader, the money spent to rein in the human requirement of water from the Murray Basin to get some enviroflow to the Lower Lakes, a severe trauma for the population dependent on the River as shown by the reception at the meetings to explain. But not any practical action to waterproof the nation, only the political outcome.

After throwing $hundreds of millions buying up water licenses in the brainless notion that by doing so the river would flow with so many talkfests, the Lakes dried up anyway. These are the simple facts on record..

All of the high falutin $ values and notions they support will not be worth one cracker if there is no rain in the catchments and the river flows dry up,(1914-1921.) If the locks that provided the navigation pools had been removed because there is no more need for them, then the irrigation system for food would not exist in its present dimension.The Chaffey Bros would never have started what has become a $12 billion food bowl in the MDB from those pools between the locks.

During the present drought, I suggest that for 6 of the past 10 years the pools were not enough to sustain the irrigators and licenses were both cut and sold off for enviroflows that did not happen These are facts of record too.

Without letting all the water out of the locks the Lower Lakes dried up. So, we now have “the best available science” from modeling, the brainless bastard child that the computer gave birth to.

One would have every right to consider no practical solution arose from the MDB Authority to waterproofing the nation by pipe or canal from the seasonally flooded North, Argyle or Queensland. A project no more difficult than the Snowy. Failure to do so threatens the existence of so many families, and is so irresponsible as to be criminally liable.


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