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Greens MP Mark Parnell says there is no safe way to mine uranium with the insitu acid leach process and this method should be stopped.

Well, there is no safe way to process gold either with the cyanide heap leach process on the surface but typical of the Greens, Mark Parnell has no idea. Would he or the Greens advocate to ban gold mining because of the risk of cyanide residues?. Hardly, It is both
fatuous and without evidence and plainly not true that “most developed countries don’t allow it”

Any mining has an impact on the environment, whether it is
acceptable or not is generally conditional on the rules and to suggest that uranium mining be phased out as soon as possible lacks any understanding of World energy demands for the future in which Australia plays a major part.

Mr. Parnell might earn credit for a vision if he and the Greens were an
advocate for uranium processing to the fuel stage in Austrailia- it makes more sense than shipping the ore to be processed in Canada now that Russia is to build 12 new nuclear power plants in India.



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