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Mr. Conlon, the South Australia Transport Minister starts to spin about speed being the magic measure of his vision to electrify part of the rail system during his next 4 years in office.

Well, forget the speed, the crossings, the timetables and over a hundred similar pedestrian comments on AdelaideNow website. The issue is Tonsley Park and the failure of a clear vision for the future to build the rolling stock and infrastructure for the tram and train rail transport system .

A chance has been clearly evident for the past 5 years to create designs both for specific carriage to use the same upgraded tracks.. Here was a chance to showcase our talents to the world wasted in the continuing theatre of political self interest.. The $50 million spent for the Clipsal property for “Tuscany Townhouses” sits idle waiting for PPP banksters.That sort of money may do more lasting benefit for the State spent at Tonsley after it had been acquired for the cost of 5 of those $6 million dollar secondhand trams that were imported.

This huge intact former Mitsubishi plant is home for an insignificant little TAFE in one of the front offices and its potential sits idle for the past 6 years, ignored in favour of political self interest. Together with the Engineering Faculties of the University, one of the best engineering campuses in the Nation could so easily be established in the process of re tooling the plant to manufacture and assemble the rolling stock and infrastructure for a modern high speed light rail tram and train system.

The need is for a bold plan to recover engineering skills that are now lost to China and India. China is building a $30 billion electrified countrywide rail system for Brazil. We could do that



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  • Linda: It is not limited to the Liberals. The current State Government has a lot to answer for concerning me and my family.
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