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A Fascist State ? This is Mussolini’s definition quoted in Harpers January 2002. ” Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of State and corporate power”
A Fascist State? Public-Private Partnerships? Secret meetings with PPP developers? If the ICAC was only created for this practice that has surfaced since THAT hospital became an issue , it would be the best thing to stop the selling out the State tax revenue for profit of a few.

It has turned politicians into bigger frauds, increasing taxation while changing a democracy that elected them into a corporatocracy. Constantly spinning the illusion that expanding the Public Service is evidence of a State in control. The cost of Governance then increases proportionately to show ” achievements” while in office, and the PPP’s transfer the tax into their bank.

Mussolini’s definition of fascism clearly fits the pattern of governance in SA where almost all of the traditional liabilities and responsibilities of Government in a transparent and accountable democratic society are sold off. SA Water is but one example, and the $10 million paid to 4 PPP developers for scrapping the Monarto Gaol project,” because it is the right thing to do”, is another.

But the biggest fraud is to constantly spin the cost of THAT hospital at $1.7 billion when in fact it would cost $8 billion if built by a PPP developer and bankers financed over 30 years. But coincidentally, the annual cost of principle and interest is exactly, and I mean exactly, the $264 million a year Mr. Rudd has promised SA to Federalize the health system. Coincidence?
To view article and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/parents-reject-super-school-viability/story-fn2sdwup-1225840648406


Every elected politician should be involved in governance for that is the whole purpose of having a Parliament, an election, and being elected. But somehow the Front bench and the Caucus have abandoned the purpose of being there and become corrupted by a self serving junta and any noble virtue to serve the State or the Nation is lost.

One of the most interesting comments posted on pointofviewSA related to the notion that a project of any nature with a cost of over $1 million should be signed off by both sides of the Parliament. There are States in the US that have a Grand Jury to make sure that public expenditure is clean and transparent After all, the majority of votes elected to govern and the Opposition are the Parliament, and it is the Parliament that is the legal instrument of Government not the ruling junta of a few powerheads.

To object on the principle that the electorate has elected one party to do as they like is fatuous and self serving and a weak opposition reinforces it. In SA for instance, the ruling junta, having won governance for another term has decreed that Parliament will only sit for 32 days in the whole of 2010 and so far the Opposition remains silent. Is such an edict an arrogant contempt of the Parliament, or an assumption of a public mandate

Yes, every MP should be involved in affairs of the State and ultimately the Nation all the time, that is if indeed, they have any idea what their responsibility to those affairs are, or who are afraid to challenge a Party leadership for policy change.

It must be very demoralising to be elected to the Parliament only to find that one becomes “just another Party hack” .

” How fortunate for Governments that the people they administer do not think” …..
Adolph Hitler, http://www.geocities,.com/northstarzone/TV.html


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