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The Scientists and the MD Basin Flood

Posted on: March 11, 2010

Time that the MD system and its tributaries were removed from the control of the States. The region provides about $40 billion annual food production with $12 billion of that below Mildura. Yet , a large panel of scientists advocating a steep reduction in water use for purely environmental reasons fails to balance such a policy with the obvious. An increase of another 2 billion souls in the world with 20 million every 3 months to our North whose changing lifestyle and prosperity will not accept a life of stoop labour in the paddy.

Pure science has consequences since the invention of gunpowder,penicillin,and fission to produce heat. The consequences of such a reduction in food production of the MD ultimately needs more than just saving the Lower Lakes which the sea should reclaim in any event.

Not only are scientists together with farmers the key to environmental care of the Nation, they are also the key to food production on land that is already being farmed and the two have been fused together for the advances of the past and will be so into the future. .


1 Response to "The Scientists and the MD Basin Flood"

I believe we need a national water vision.
I have produced a visionary document called the ‘Grand water vision’.
It envisages pipping 2,000 + GL of water from the Fitzroy R in WA. (the Fitzroy annual discharge is 10,000 Gl pa)
The massive project would be in the same order as the Snowy Mts Scheme. At a cost to the nation of $20 – 30 billion, over 100 years it would be a massive positive national investment.
That amount of water would supplement Adelaide, supply Alice Springs and Roxby Downs mine, the Eyre Peninsula, the Murray Darling Basin by pouring water into the Menindie Lakes and supplement water into Victoria.
c.f. Desalination the capital cost of this scheme could be $50 b and still be cheaper per ML of water. The annual running and maintenance costs of desalination plant is enormous, and the effluent an environmental problem. The life span may be 25 years , a quarter of pipping water across the uninhabited inland.
We could incorporate a highway (needed for maintenance, anyway) and a corridor for natural gas pipped from the NW Shelf.

This ‘Grand water vision’ has been circulated in a small way at state and federal levels. The response is deafening, ha ha…

If you wish for a copy, contact myself on
Doug Harrison, Vic.

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