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And Still They Come, Part 2

Posted on: March 7, 2010

A contributor named Divergence, in On line Opinion, responding to another subscriber regarding immigration issues had this to say ,

I thought it reflected the views of the majority and so it is repeated in full .

I am no more anti-immigrant than you are anti-salt if you don’t want a whole tablespoon dumped on your dinner. In reasonable numbers, immigration has significant educational and cultural benefits for the host population, and some enterprises, such as science, have a profoundly international character. I would be jumping up and down just as much if we had no immigration at all and the unsustainable population growth was coming from Australian babies. Unlike you, however, I don’t see mass migration as a sacred cow to which everything else must be sacrificed.

As a number of us have explained, it is quite possible to stabilise our population on a national level. If numbers are not too big, we can afford to give everyone a decent standard of living and some choices in life without having to degrade our agricultural land or wipe out other species.

Unlike you, I don’t regard residents of other countries either as helpless victims of the evil white man or as childlike little brown brothers that we have to rescue. Development really should be easier for them than it was for our own ancestors. They know it is possible and what policies are necessary to achieve it, and can also learn from our mistakes and leapfrog over obsolete, dirty technologies. It took South Korea 35 years to go from being tied with Senegal for poorest country on earth to fully-fledged member of the First World, and it was about the same for Taiwan and Singapore. China has been making enormous progress in lifting people out of poverty. If other people are determined to turn their situation around, there is a lot we can (and should) do to help, but if they persist in supporting corrupt and incompetent leaders, in denying justice to people in other ethnic or religious groups or in other social classes, and in keeping women barefoot, uneducated, and pregnant, there is nothing we can do about it, except prevent their problems from becoming our problems, so far as possible ( Emphasis mine,RS).



1 Response to "And Still They Come, Part 2"

Such a perception is rare and should be the foundation cast in stone of opposition to this “free for all- all for free” refugee/immigration policy of successive Governments and more particularly, this one.

An ordinary man’s analysis usually questions whether similar benefits exist for Australians moving for whatever reason to other countries? and why would we give millions in aid to royal, religious,military of despot regimes with estates in Europe and gold in Swiss banks and at the same time give refugees greater benefits and opportunities than we give our pensioners. (Source:Centrelink) The majority of these people are fit men who have run away and that says more about them than if, by doing so, “they contribute to the cultural diversity of the Nation”.

We broadcast our Nation to the World. Many have risked their life and a debt of thousands for the prospect of a journey to peace and plenty who could have banded together with their wealth to fight for their causes. But there are others whose ideology would destroy it.

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