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The Extra 2 Billion in 40 Years

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Consider whether the continuous and relentless increase of population will be a problem for everything else. but it is worth contemplating the impact of more than 2 billion extra souls over the next 40 years. The F.A.O says 2.3 and the U.N. 2.9 billion, an increase of about one third.

It may not be significant in the Western World but it certainly is a difference in the Third World. Population to our North in Greater S.E.Asia is increasing at the rate of 20 million every 3 months, (F.A.O. figures a year ago) Not only will they breathe oxygen provided by the existing vegetation but they will require some form of shelter that consumes part of the vegetation, plus clean water.food and above all…energy.

As lifestyle of the wealthy nations is beamed to a TV in the open window hutch of the grass hut to the dozens seated on the ground , the wealth displayed by the media is envied to the extent that hitherto a life of stoop labour in the paddy is now not acceptable – the viewer is conditioned for the better life of “Big Max,TV’s, cars and electric toothbrushes”.

Therein will lie the problem of consumption of the Earth’s resources already drained in ever larger amounts from above and below ground. The search continues to supply the raw materials for “things”. So far there are untouched territories, forests and marginal tundra still apparently available but for how much longer if the World population will increase by one third? Is this what the boat refugees from Sri Lanka and the Middle East see in Australia while they escape from unstable regimes?

We broadcast our image to the World. Many have risked,(and lost), their life for the dream of peace and plenty while there are others, currently on trial, hell bent to destroy it. The U.N. has warned of food riots and a modern day exodus from troubled nations of the Middle East and Africa.

Will the pressure of another 2 billion souls in such a short period of time allow the natural world to provide and then sustain? or will it be the scientists and farmers finding ways and means to do so ?


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