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The Corrupt Morality of Government

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Both political parties have lost their identity. The disclosure concerning Mr. Brown, a former Liberal Premier and his $800,000 for consultancy to the Labor Government merely continues to fuel the perception of collusion.Perception is more powerful than the facts silently and secretly challenging any attempt to be believable.

The $8 billion of unfunded liability to the Public Service that “will be on track by 2034” is an example and over 2500 questions remaining unanswered in the Parliament is another.A division of the philosophies of the two Parties is often hazy and contradictory and what one Party holds close today may well become the other Party’s tomorrow. But, at any given time, the differences have been necessary in theory and often fabricated to show a difference, because if there in none, then what is the point of having a Two Party System?

In most ways these differences have not been related to a measure of truth or honesty and transparency or what is good for the State, but massaged for what is good for the Party or the politician seeking power. The political game is carried on above and away from the community – like a couple of thieves who have decided to steal all the chickens from the chicken house. Their fight over them has little to do with the captured chickens well-being. The politician’s
war is merely a power game using the community for political gain

There is a chance in this election to restore community values to governance instead of the arrogant use of power by the present administration, which the Opposition has often failed to successfully challenge. The Independents are getting stronger, driven by the chronic need for transparency. Very often The Advertiser, not always perfect, exposes a thread extracted from the tangled web where the elected Opposition fails. If indeed, it were not so we would have had no effective Opposition to the corrupt morality of the two Party dominants. The Libs might well protest, but the Libs sitting down at dinners paid for by developers for no other reason than to level the playing field with the Government says a great deal about them.

All development proposals to Government that require public funds should be signed off by both sides of the Parliament at the same time with all hands on the table. The wine and T-Bone steak is immaterial and the Mr. Browns of the deal would then be respected.


1 Response to "The Corrupt Morality of Government"

It comes as no surprise to pollywatchers that collusion between the main political parties self interest, for so long a strong perception, is now boldly out in the clear with the smiling photograh of the former Liberal Premier after dancing with the Labor Government the past 3 years to a tune
for $800,000. ( Front Page,Sunday Mail Jan 3.) Any one of the thousands of correspondents to the print media and the internet these past few years on the drought have given advice to tackle the situation in an open, caring transparent, practical, commonsense manner for free.

So just what did cost $800,000.?

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  • Linda: It is not limited to the Liberals. The current State Government has a lot to answer for concerning me and my family.
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