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Soon, there will be fewer teachers unless the Education system recognises the other part it plays in bringing up children to be acceptable to the society in which they live. Where parenting is failing, who or what else is there?

The grandiosities of super schools and the billionitis big shot mentality of politicians is unreal. Our State is broke. With more than $8 billion liability to the PS non existent,over $2 billion shortfall in Work Cover and over $2.9 billion of the revenue “lost from investments” instead of paying the bills over the past few years, we need to stop the PPT – Politics of Party Tenure. March 20, Independents Day

To view feature and comments online go to: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/classrooms-being-turned-into-mini-jails/story-e6frfkvr-1225840695518


The ABC Online Jan 19 reports a drug dealer in Albury N.S.W being arrested after supplying ecstasy that caused the death of a 19 year girl.Two others have been hospitalised from the same event.

Yet, here in South Australia drug dealers are freed on bail and one notable case involving the risk to a policewoman in a sting took 5 years to sentence the dealer. With 1 in 5 road accidents drug related and young women dying from overdose at Kanck type rave parties, isnt it time that drug dealers were charged with attempted manslaughter in this State knowing that the drug can cause death?

“TAXPAYERS may never know if they were tricked into overpaying United Water millions of dollars because the company and the Rann Government are seeking an out-of-court settlement.The Supreme Court yesterday heard the parties are trying, behind closed doors, to resolve claims United Water inflated its rates so taxpayers would fund its international operations” ( AdelaideNow, March 13)

Of course, Mr Rann would avoid any further erosion of the credibility or honesty and transparency of his Government! These are public funds and we are all shareholders and I am surprised that the Court did not give merit to the transparency of Government business. This is just another dimension to how the process of privatisation to rein in previous Labor Government debt has become the basis of an urgent need for scrutiny by an ICAC much closer to the smoke than Canberra.

The new Labor Government concept of Government responsibility for public funded utility infrastructure is to just count the beans after such responsibility is “taken over” by high flying PPP developers. There is an obvious need for credibility, and must not only be seen to be a fair and honest deal but prove to be so. Secret meetings between Ministers paid for by developers created some grief for the Opposition bemoaning a “level playing field”.

Indeed, any connection between the French firm and the desal plant becomes suspect for not only the cost and the convenient “blow out” to follow but the use of public taxation funds in the process.

Full Story http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/closed-door-talks-to-settle-case-of-inflated-water-prices/story-fn2sdwup-12258

Time that the MD system and its tributaries were removed from the control of the States. The region provides about $40 billion annual food production with $12 billion of that below Mildura. Yet , a large panel of scientists advocating a steep reduction in water use for purely environmental reasons fails to balance such a policy with the obvious. An increase of another 2 billion souls in the world with 20 million every 3 months to our North whose changing lifestyle and prosperity will not accept a life of stoop labour in the paddy.

Pure science has consequences since the invention of gunpowder,penicillin,and fission to produce heat. The consequences of such a reduction in food production of the MD ultimately needs more than just saving the Lower Lakes which the sea should reclaim in any event.

Not only are scientists together with farmers the key to environmental care of the Nation, they are also the key to food production on land that is already being farmed and the two have been fused together for the advances of the past and will be so into the future. .

It is self evident that there are many good people, of honest intent and passionate who believe they have what it takes and who are prepared to make many personal sacrifices as political candidates to serve the Nation. But offer themselves to this noble duty as members of a political party because right there is the support base, and so often the party corrupts them with pure party interests of tenure after election when they are elevated into positions of power having neither the life experience, the morality or the talent to exercise it. The debt is merely evident of the problem that shows in other ways too. Over 100 Ruddites to Copenhagen, none of them scientists, more than double the number of delegates from Britain, a Nation with much more to gain from the success of a binding commitment than Australia, or Mike Rann, the Premier of SA as Tail- end-Charlie. Perhaps the corrupt morality of the visceral stimulus packages need a wedge of reality from Independents to curb the spending.

Kelly of Flinders Park @#16 http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/new-109m-vow-to-cut-waiting-times/story-fn2sdwup-1225838412583 provides a good reason for the abusive mob of boozed and bombed out airheads to be denied the facilities of a free medical system for their over indulgent selves.

Make them pay for the results of self infliction will release staff and beds for more important and urgent tasks. Bill the cost of Police, ambos and cas staff for all drug and booze related consequences, then let us see. 1 in 5 road deaths are drug related, the 60 deaths a week from booze, the death of children from neglect of drug related parents, and young women dying from dirty drug overdose. Start charging the dealers in SA with attempted manslaughter as in NSW and confiscation of assets to the State to fund rehab will see numbers drop. But this junta is only concerned with its Party tenure from one election to the next and the community is denied

The full story of pre election promise to provide $109 million to free up waiting times to 4 hrs in the city hospitals is at http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/new-109m-vow-to-cut-waiting-times/story-fn2sdwup-1225838412583

A contributor named Divergence, in On line Opinion, responding to another subscriber regarding immigration issues had this to say ,

I thought it reflected the views of the majority and so it is repeated in full .

I am no more anti-immigrant than you are anti-salt if you don’t want a whole tablespoon dumped on your dinner. In reasonable numbers, immigration has significant educational and cultural benefits for the host population, and some enterprises, such as science, have a profoundly international character. I would be jumping up and down just as much if we had no immigration at all and the unsustainable population growth was coming from Australian babies. Unlike you, however, I don’t see mass migration as a sacred cow to which everything else must be sacrificed.

As a number of us have explained, it is quite possible to stabilise our population on a national level. If numbers are not too big, we can afford to give everyone a decent standard of living and some choices in life without having to degrade our agricultural land or wipe out other species.

Unlike you, I don’t regard residents of other countries either as helpless victims of the evil white man or as childlike little brown brothers that we have to rescue. Development really should be easier for them than it was for our own ancestors. They know it is possible and what policies are necessary to achieve it, and can also learn from our mistakes and leapfrog over obsolete, dirty technologies. It took South Korea 35 years to go from being tied with Senegal for poorest country on earth to fully-fledged member of the First World, and it was about the same for Taiwan and Singapore. China has been making enormous progress in lifting people out of poverty. If other people are determined to turn their situation around, there is a lot we can (and should) do to help, but if they persist in supporting corrupt and incompetent leaders, in denying justice to people in other ethnic or religious groups or in other social classes, and in keeping women barefoot, uneducated, and pregnant, there is nothing we can do about it, except prevent their problems from becoming our problems, so far as possible ( Emphasis mine,RS).



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