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Lance Armstrong is back for the Tour Down Under and is to be on a ride with hundreds of enthusiasts for the promo. Great to have something else to enjoy other than the bluddy football and the drones who do the cricket. But, as always, there is another dimension.

This Government paid for the Armstrong Team to fly in a private Jet from Hawaii for the event and that itself is commendable. None would argue the need for a break. While not wishing to be a sour grape when we need something more than the cricket, the ruling junta is not interested except in diversions. Ancient Rome did the same to appease the discontent by the spectacle of blood and gore in the Coliseum to hide its incompetence. This Government is the same and in the process has separated itself from the community.

We are all shareholders of the revenue yet over 2000 questions, most relating to the spending of public funds remain unanswered in the Parliament. Are these Commercial in Confidence? Even the Dance with Lance is blocked by an arrogant assumption that the shareholders are not entitled to know the cost to bring Lance to Adelaide. “Commercial in Confidence” was the pathetic response to questions of the cost, like an educated parrot and yet, the junta is still unable to collect over $174 million in unpaid fines from over 500,000 social delinquents.

I suppose questions about the failure to collect are Commercial In Confidence too. More like Commercial InCompetence.


It comes as no surprise to pollywatchers that collusion between the main political parties for their own self interest, for so long a strong perception, is now boldly out in the clear with the former Liberal Premier smiling after dancing with the Labor Government the past 3 years for $800,000 as a drought consultant. ( Front Page,Sunday Mail Jan 3.) Well, we would smile too wouldn’t we?

Any one of the thousands of correspondents to the print media and the internet these past few years commenting not only on the visible effects of the drought but the personal losses of a lifetime on the land, have given advice to tackle the situation in an open, caring, transparent, practical, commonsense manner for free.

So just what did cost $800,000.? Does anyone know? Feel free to comment

Once again the “rich countries” have managed to take prosperity away from the Third World. And at Christmas too. We’d promised them billions in guilt payments for something called “global warming.” They don’t pay that much attention to thermometers, and weather is something they mostly live with rather than forecast.

But we ourselves had warned them their islands were about to sink beneath the waves. It hasn’t happened yet, but the computer models say it will be so. We warned them their food crops would begin to fail—though crop yields around the earth have so far continued to increase. We told them that wild species like the polar bear would go extinct—if not yet then sometime soon.

“The heaviest burden of global warming will fall on the poorest countries,” said the best and brightest of our thinkers and climate modelers. “We must pay billions to the third world to finance greener energy systems so they won’t chop down the trees or burn coal or kerosene.”

Then, at Copenhagen—as the “last chance” for humans to save the world—we decided not to save it. Can we blame the Third World for being angry and mystified? Villagers on the South Pacific island of Tanna still worship a ghostly American named John Frum who was stationed there during World War II. Every February 15th , the islanders stage a ceremony, complete with GI “uniforms,” bamboo rifles, and an American flag. “John promised he’ll bring planeloads and shiploads of cargo to us from America if we pray to him,” a village elder told writer Paul Raffaele. Published in Smithsonian Magazine in 2008.
Such “cargo cults” were common when primitive peoples were visited by sailors who had compasses and chronometers, and later radios and TVs. The Johnson outboard motor on the Sepik was a “cargo” gift from President Johnson. Third World peoples and in the highlands of PNG, still haven’t seen a shipyard, railroads, and nitrogen fertilizer, so they don’t understand what supports our abundance.

The Chinese, of course, are different. They’ve got 4,000 years of court records, detailing how Chinese crops and wild animals shifted north with the repeated global wamings during the Bronze Age, the Roman Empire and the Medieval period—and then shifted back south during the intervening cold periods. Chinese researchers have studied their own ice cores and fossil pollen. They can’t have much respect for the Western computer models, which repeatedly forecast the runaway warming that hasn’t appeared. Their own thermometers have detailed the non-warming since 1998—but they would take our carbon subsidies.

In the wake of Copenhagen’s collapse,and in a local discussion about it, I was asked, “but with so many poor people in the world, shouldn’t we share our abundance—global warming or not?” Maybe, if it is for the people but has “spreading the wealth” been the hidden agenda of the hard-left through the whole global warming campaign? Spreading the wealth has been a social ritual among many tribal nations apart from our own aborigines. But why would anyone vote to give money to Africa’s tribal thugs or to any despot regime?. It would simply disappear, as have so many billions in government handouts, enriching Swiss bank accounts, not creating sustainable prosperity for the people.

They aren’t poor because we’re rich,nor are we rich because they’re poor. In the Pacific Northwest too, early Indian tribes had a culture based on “potlatch.” Like our aborigines, whenever anyone had good fortune from the hunt or the gathering of food, they threw a party for the tribe. The wealth was spread, but no one was better off after the party than before.

Sections of this are with permission and appreciation to Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute.


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