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Liberal and Labor: Are They Different from Each Other?

Posted on: December 28, 2009

Jerry Spence, the trial lawyer in the U.S.who defended Imelda Marcos against the U.S. Government one time, has written some fearless comment about the two party political system. Although he refers to the U.S in, “Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power”, published by St Martins Griffin, he may as well be referring to North Terrace, Adelaide.

He writes,”A division of the philosophies of the Two Parties is often hazy and contradictory and what one Party holds close today may well become the other Party’s tomorrow. But, at any given time, the differences have been necessary in theory and often fabricated to show a difference, because if there in none then what is the point of having a Two Party System?”

He continues,”In most ways these differences have not been related to the measure of truth or honesty or what is good for the State, but what is good for the Party or the politician seeking power. The political game is carried on above the community – like a couple of thieves who have decided to steal all the chickens from the chicken house. Their fight over them has little to do with the captured chickens well being. The politicians war is merely a power game using the community for political purpose.”

We could have advanced the State enormously over these past 7 years if only politicians told the truth or had the courage to face the truth instead of the ducking and weaving to avoid their responsibilities from one election to the next.

Edmund Burke,” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, may well apply to the outcome of the South Australian State election, March 2010. http://www.blupete.com/Literature/Biographies/Philosophy/Burke.htm


4 Responses to "Liberal and Labor: Are They Different from Each Other?"

Bob – thanks for your time. More on interview later.

Try the PPRuNe forum generally at:


and specifically at:


a thread where where ‘cliffnemo’ and ‘regle’ both military pilots in their 80’s are gathering recollections of military air and groundcrew from all eras.

I hope you find PPRuNe enjoyable whether you just read, or register and start posting. There’s even an Australian politics thread on the last forum, ‘Jet Blast’.

I look forward to speaking to you and doing our interview, about which I’ll give you more information. Can you send me an email address where I can send information?

I’ll post a magazine article to you.


Tim Simpson BArch BArchSt


‘regle’ and ‘cliffnemo’ are both former pilots in their 80’s, very articulate and active. The pair of them are gathering the recollections of military air and groundcrew from around the world. Once you register you can email them or post to the site.

PPRuNe is a great site with a lot to offer.

PS – you can send a private message to anyone on PPRuNe by clicking on their name.

The only thing I remember about Imelda Marcos is her shoe fetish.

I guess she was famous for that (shoe thing) at least. I wonder if she had smelly feet, too.

Hullo Ebony hope you had a break these past few days. I met Imelda many times. She was forever getting lots of other things too from manufacturers hoping for her endorsement. A bit like the UK,”By Appointment” so in that respect the media was ignorantly and arrogantly very unfair

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  • Linda: It is not limited to the Liberals. The current State Government has a lot to answer for concerning me and my family.
  • Ahmad Hewes: I loved your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...
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