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Climatologists say its Humans

Posted on: December 26, 2009

Climatologists say human activity is warming the planet” ignores the Sun and the regular elliptical orbit of Earth that has for the past many years been bringing Earth closer to the heat and for the next many years further away.

The NASA Earth Resources satellite currently orbiting the poles has detected huge snow deposition at the North Pole which might well be so if the current weather in the North is an indication. Rising affluence of the poorer nations, and demands on the World resources from the extra 2.8 billion souls in the next 40 years ( U.N. figures), an increase of one third, will have a much greater impact,the potential of which has yet to be imagined.As an engineering thinker and amateur plantsman, increasing the CO2 in a closed environment rapidly increases plant growth. What difference is this mini environment to the atmospheric mantle protecting the Earth? If scientists and climatologists have shown that atmospheric CO2 has reached such alarming levels, ( but have they?) then my tomatoes should be the size of footballs and all living breathing creatures would be dying.

During the NSW bushfires a few years ago a mother and her children jumped into the swimming pool to escape the fire and were found dead the following day, not from drowning as first thought, but from asphyxiation. The fire increased the CO2 while consuming the oxygen for long enough.



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