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Volcanoes, Bushfires and the ETS

Posted on: December 23, 2009

Copenhagen, thousands of elusive scientific wisps, the smoke and mirrors of a science of possibility. touted as a consensus of environmental science, to guide all the World heads of state. But the science fell over from within and became as it started out, just elusive scientific wisps that ignored the Sun as the most likely suspect for the occasional warming and cooling. The science was flawed from the beginning. a monumental embarrassment to environmental science. So blame China for the failure of Copenhagen.

Meanwhile in the Philippines,Mt. Mayon has erupted and like Mt. Pinatubo a few years back that blotted out the sun, has been spewing its pyroclastic carbon and toxic gasses high into the atmosphere for weeks.

Together with bushfires, one is forgiven for being quite cynical to the point of anger that 114 Ruddites and Penny Wong in Copenhagen and Mr Rann, “Tough on Emissions”, and none of them scientists, have already decreed that the proposed ETS “will lead the World ( as the means) to reduce atmospheric CO2 because “industry will be forced to pay for its carbon emissions”

Does anyone really believe that with bushfires and erupting volcanoes the CO2 will be reduced by an emissions tax on industry?



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