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The ETS and You – Updated

Posted on: December 7, 2009

“There would be cash assistance for 3.6 million middle income households, half of which would be fully compensated for extra expenses. Single pensioners would get an extra $455 a year as compensation and couples $686, Mr Rudd said,”

“The money would come from forcing industries to buy permits for the tonnage of carbon pollution they produced.”

The BIG question is, will the rest of the world do the same? If not, then the ETS scheme will fail its purpose and the tax remains a tax.
Here’s a practical way to understand Mr. Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
Imagine 1 kilometre of atmosphere and we want to get rid of the carbon pollution in it created by human activity.

A correspondent has provided the composition for a kilometre of the atmosphere – Let’s go for a walk along it.

The first 770 metres are Nitrogen.
The next 210 metres are Oxygen.
That’s 980 metres of the 1 kilometre. 20 metres to go.
The next 10 metres are water vapour. 10 metres left.
9 metres are argon. Just 1 more metre.
A few gases make up the first bit of that last metre.
The last 38 centimetres of the kilometre – that’s carbon dioxide. A bit over one foot.

97% of that is produced by Mother Nature. It’s natural.
Out of our journey of one kilometre, there are just 12 millimetres left. Just over a centimetre – about half an inch.
That’s the amount of carbon dioxide that global human activity puts into the atmosphere. And of those 12 millimetres Australia puts in 0.18 of a millimetre. Less than the thickness of a hair. Out of a kilometre!

As a hair is to a kilometre – so is Australia’s contribution to what Mr. Rudd calls Carbon Pollution.

Imagine Brisbane’s new Gateway Bridge, ready to be opened by Mr. Rudd. It’s been polished, painted and scrubbed by an army of workers till its 1 kilometre length is surgically clean. Except that Mr. Rudd says we have a huge problem, the bridge is polluted – there’s a human hair on the roadway. We’d laugh ourselves silly.

There are plenty of real pollution problems to worry about.

It’s hard to imagine that Australia’s contribution to carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere is one of the more pressing ones. And I can’t believe that a new tax on everything is the only way to blow that pesky hair away. After all, the sun controls the climate on our planet, not human beings. Always has, always will. Only the arrogance of human beings over their own importance makes people think otherwise.

Pass this on quickly while the ETS is being debated in Federal Parliament.


2 Responses to "The ETS and You – Updated"

…and I wonder who will pay for the thousands of tons of CO2 from bushfires or the forest fires from 3rd World destruction of the forests of the Amazon, Kalimantan of Indonesia or the Sierra Madre of the Philippines.

You are so right Bob.

We humans are selfish and full of ourselves.

We put everything in the too hard basket hoping it will all go away.
We are so smug and hate anything that involves getting out of our comfort zone.

Mt Rudd is a total nerd and spends too much time in church. He really should get out more.

Climate change and global warming are our biggest worries and the problems will unfairly be left to future generations to sort….if the planet survives…we should be so lucky.

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