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The Leader of the State Opposition has now waded into the “rotten culture of power” that is FamiliesSA on the Liberal’s website. To gain a better explanation of why the Report to Parliament exposed this rotten Department it is necessary to understand why it is so.

Firstly, it is well known, that many in positions of power take up such positions, not because of a noble purpose or “someone has to do it” but because it is seen as the pinnacle of a neurotic need to exercise power over others. Clear indications of insecurity and fear of the loss of control and thereby credibility. These people are indeed, frightened and insecure and very lonely.

Their quite awful sense of vulnerability is a disease of the psyche, marked by a dark smouldering misery that is treated with more doses of power that manifests itself in anger clouding the sense, rough indecisions, a comfort zone of a larger staff to take the heat and lots of Darjeeling. The telephone directory listing for FamiliesSA explains a great deal.

Why have over 2000 children been removed and split up into State care with such an appalling record of abuse and damage while in such care? If this be a question, part of the 2500, that remain unanswered in the Parliament, then it is clear why it is ignored.

I will never forget the Minister’s response to the death of the little boy from neglect of drug addict parents while under the watch of FamiliesSA or the children separated on Xmas Eve while the Minister, on 3 months holiday on full pay “examines the paperwork”.

“Access to power must be confined to those who are not in love with it” ( Plato)


Jerry Spence, the trial lawyer in the U.S.who defended Imelda Marcos against the U.S. Government one time, has written some fearless comment about the two party political system. Although he refers to the U.S in, “Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power”, published by St Martins Griffin, he may as well be referring to North Terrace, Adelaide.

He writes,”A division of the philosophies of the Two Parties is often hazy and contradictory and what one Party holds close today may well become the other Party’s tomorrow. But, at any given time, the differences have been necessary in theory and often fabricated to show a difference, because if there in none then what is the point of having a Two Party System?”

He continues,”In most ways these differences have not been related to the measure of truth or honesty or what is good for the State, but what is good for the Party or the politician seeking power. The political game is carried on above the community – like a couple of thieves who have decided to steal all the chickens from the chicken house. Their fight over them has little to do with the captured chickens well being. The politicians war is merely a power game using the community for political purpose.”

We could have advanced the State enormously over these past 7 years if only politicians told the truth or had the courage to face the truth instead of the ducking and weaving to avoid their responsibilities from one election to the next.

Edmund Burke,” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, may well apply to the outcome of the South Australian State election, March 2010. http://www.blupete.com/Literature/Biographies/Philosophy/Burke.htm

Climatologists say human activity is warming the planet” ignores the Sun and the regular elliptical orbit of Earth that has for the past many years been bringing Earth closer to the heat and for the next many years further away.

The NASA Earth Resources satellite currently orbiting the poles has detected huge snow deposition at the North Pole which might well be so if the current weather in the North is an indication. Rising affluence of the poorer nations, and demands on the World resources from the extra 2.8 billion souls in the next 40 years ( U.N. figures), an increase of one third, will have a much greater impact,the potential of which has yet to be imagined.As an engineering thinker and amateur plantsman, increasing the CO2 in a closed environment rapidly increases plant growth. What difference is this mini environment to the atmospheric mantle protecting the Earth? If scientists and climatologists have shown that atmospheric CO2 has reached such alarming levels, ( but have they?) then my tomatoes should be the size of footballs and all living breathing creatures would be dying.

During the NSW bushfires a few years ago a mother and her children jumped into the swimming pool to escape the fire and were found dead the following day, not from drowning as first thought, but from asphyxiation. The fire increased the CO2 while consuming the oxygen for long enough.


Two drug lab operators caught Xmas Eve out on bail until February? Enough time to sweep the supply and delivery lines clean, warn the couriers,stash the cash and both the dealers and the police will repeat the exercise in a day or so on this merry go round.. It is a sad indictment of our legal system that permits these dealers to continue.

In the same edition of AdelaideNow, Families SA has removed over 2000 children into State care as the result of drug and alcohol abuse. Far too many from one bad situation into the self serving “rotten culture of power” of FamiliesSA reported to the Parliament and its own dismal record of abuse and failure to care.. We have already lost the life of a 9 year old boy from the neglect of drug addict parents under FamiliesSA watch. Young women have died from overdose of the stuff and i in 5 roads deaths are drug related and the social sabotage from addiction to both drugs and alcohol.is more than enough to scrap the bail facility for drug dealers.

It must be as frustrating to the police as it is to the community when it is on record that it took 5 years for the Court to sentence a drug dealer in a sting that risked the life of a policewoman.But this is just one small part of a whole range of social values in the community that are being lost while not being taught to children..

The Water Commissioner, Ms McLeod is to be commended for her condemnation of the political decision to allow longer times for city folks to water gardens, if only because the lady talks sense.. Politicians are on 3 months holiday on full pay so why would they care for the reality of Riverland families walk off? The city is a constant liability to the rest of the State.

Instead of harvesting storm water, subsidising domestic rain water tanks, and forcing them on new subdivisions and directing the rain from the big roof areas into the aquifer,the politicians go for the big show, the grandiosity of the half billion$ project that will take another 5 years to deliver. The performance of being seen in a hard hat sipping on a glass of desal is typical of the self serving theatrics of this Government. The show must go on. Now the need to increase capacity to 100 glt to water gardens when families in the irrigated food line, unable to carry the debt of the long drought any longer to sustain a living, walk off and abandoned properties become a dust bowl.

Be very watchful. Looming on the horizon is the SA Water 20% increase charges to “maintain the margin of profit”, a measure that should be watched very closely by the South East and Murraylands towns who have no connection with this city problem.

Story at http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,26526943-5006301,00.html#submit-feedback

Copenhagen, thousands of elusive scientific wisps, the smoke and mirrors of a science of possibility. touted as a consensus of environmental science, to guide all the World heads of state. But the science fell over from within and became as it started out, just elusive scientific wisps that ignored the Sun as the most likely suspect for the occasional warming and cooling. The science was flawed from the beginning. a monumental embarrassment to environmental science. So blame China for the failure of Copenhagen.

Meanwhile in the Philippines,Mt. Mayon has erupted and like Mt. Pinatubo a few years back that blotted out the sun, has been spewing its pyroclastic carbon and toxic gasses high into the atmosphere for weeks.

Together with bushfires, one is forgiven for being quite cynical to the point of anger that 114 Ruddites and Penny Wong in Copenhagen and Mr Rann, “Tough on Emissions”, and none of them scientists, have already decreed that the proposed ETS “will lead the World ( as the means) to reduce atmospheric CO2 because “industry will be forced to pay for its carbon emissions”

Does anyone really believe that with bushfires and erupting volcanoes the CO2 will be reduced by an emissions tax on industry?


Was Copenhagen.an impossible dream? They have all tried like Don Quixote doing battle with the windmill. a fascinating parallel with Penny Wong or Kevin Rudd in Copenhagen – fascinating indeed.

Rising affluence of the poorer nations, and demands on the World resources from the extra 2.8 billion souls in the next 40 years ( U.N. figures), an increase of one third, will have a huge impact,the size of which is just emerging. So long as the poorer nations set fire to the forest when all they wanted was to clear a small plot for a few chickens and some rice and cassava and have lots of children.

So long as there are strikes of lightning to start bushfires, 80 of them in NSW this week, burning through forest lands that consumed hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 every year of growth and now discharged it back into the atmosphere in as many hours.

So long as political vision remains self serving , the time is nigh for nuclear power, re afforestation, on farm water conservation and bold legislation to phase out the mining of coal for our energy needs until a better use is found for it..

It makes more sense to compensate the shareholders than hand outs of $billions to poorer nations to cope with climate change rather than teaching them how to cope with it.

It makes more sense to process uranium ores to the fuel stage in Australia in the quiet confidence of a vision that this is our 24/7 clean energy future into the 22nd Century and beyond. Would the dissenters have a practical understanding of their dissent? or must we continue to be assailed year after year by the tortuous reasoning of theorists? and politicians who do not have the courage to legislate a practical vision for the community beyond their own tenure.

First appeared in The Advertiser ” Copenhagen delegates left tilting at windmills” December 18, Comment,page 74

My son Josh 13 on reading this, told me that I should have mentioned that the earth is in a “regular elliptical orbit around the sun and is in the closest path for the next few years to continue to melt the ice caps and as the orbit ranges out it will get colder and the ice caps will freeze up again”. He says this is what happened 640 years ago

..and did you know that Copenhagen was touted as a scientific pinnacle for climate decisions to end the problem and in Australia’s contingent there were 114 Federal people with Mr. Rudd…. and none were scientists. Mr. Me2 Rann joined in some obscure conference of equally obscure purpose with equally obscure people that did not even rate official recognition , only from him, and the numbers from SA are not yet known but we are working on that.>


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