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They Run Away While We Risk Our Lives for Them – Is It Worth It?

Posted on: November 28, 2009

I still have a problem with the numbers of single fit men running away to Australia. No one from a terrorist nation should be allowed in. If they don’t like it there, then change it themselves and don’t hide here and expect our young men and women to risk their lives to fix it for them. Running away and bringing their ideology says a great deal about them. Is this being used for the opportunity for infiltration of another kind? Having lived and worked in the region, it is a very much hand to mouth that produces nothing except the barest existence and for Afghanistan, relies upon the patronage of the local chiefdoms who trickle down the wealth from the narco economy, a large part of which is supported by the drug dealers of Australia.

It is worth repeating that we should.enforce the understanding and compliance with our language and laws instead of allowing cultural sensitivities to slow down integration. Government literature to inform in 12 languages is supporting cultural ghettos. We are one nation with one flag and one language and integration is seriously retarded where language is delayed in any way..


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  • Linda: It is not limited to the Liberals. The current State Government has a lot to answer for concerning me and my family.
  • Ahmad Hewes: I loved your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...
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