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Extract from the Menda City Monitor – WorkCover $Billions, Oct 14

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Mathematics of Electoral Defeat

WORKCOVER says it is starting to turn around its financial position despite claims by the Opposition that the fund is the worst-performing in the nation.
WorkCover chief executive Julia Davison also said today there was no discrepancy between the corporation’s annual report and the report to Parliament by Auditor-General Simon O’Neill.
There had been reports of a $40 million discrepancy between WorkCover’s unfunded liabilities figure and that reported by the Auditor-General. However, Ms Davison said the Auditor-General had confirmed WorkCover’s accounts were correct and that the discrepancy had occurred because he had “rounded up” the liabilities figure from $1.059 billion to $1.1 billion. (End quote)

Come now Ms Davison, it is your credibility in this matter, not The Auditor General who is not only on record for complaining that unaudited data is tabled to support Government agendas, Let the AG confirm by himself that he rounded up to wipe out $40 million off the record.

The Treasurer is on record as having lost $2.9 billion of revenue from investments so is the $40 million in dispute oart of it or added to it?.. Dean Jaensch, in December 1999 raised the issue of the ethics of secrecy when public money is being used. He wrote,” It seems reasonable for private enterprise to use (secrecy) to protect from competition, as only the shareholders have that right to know what is going on. In public ventures, however, the public are shareholders and thereby have a right to know all the details”.
While the Libs have the ICAC on their platform for 2010, one must be quite cynical, and with good reason, to believe that the formation of such a body, unless created by the Parliament instead of a body politic would ultimately be up to the community expectation of transparency.

If the DPP has some doubts and has recommended the ICAC from those doubts and the Auditor General cannot get at the truth, then who will?

To view 36 public comments online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,26206428-5006301,00.html


5 Responses to "Extract from the Menda City Monitor – WorkCover $Billions, Oct 14"

It takes a brave man to tell it like it is, Bob.

You kill me with your confrontations.

Man, that takes… balls! šŸ™‚

Notice how the tortoise makes no progress unless he sticks his neck out and so it is with us. The Burnside Council abuse of the public will got their comeuppance at a Eureka revival to remind them of their responsibilities to the community and not to developers. They had to retreat. The racecourse has not finished either.

When I was watching the Burnside Council pumping their agenda on ABC telly, I had a lovely moment where I thought it would be brilliant if someone punched the mayor’s lights out.

The Eureka stockade and the circumstances of its origins is becoming a larger dimension in my mind. I have likened the $174 million of unpaid fines from over 500,000 social delinquents in SA to a citizens revolt to the Admonistration attempts to cover their financial incompetence with more taxation. The Menda City Monitor is part of PointofViewSA. giving the impression ( I hope) that it is some internet journal published out there on a regular basis, a source of probes and challenges. I would like to set it apart as a website but I’m not IT competent to do that so for the moment it will be a part of PofV. What do you think Ebony? I’ve just given Families SA a serve.

Cheers from Bob

Yay Bob, you rock!

Families SA is a tough gig, but you have my support as always.

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