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A Waste Facility in SA – Prelude to Nuclear Power

Posted on: November 4, 2009

Nuclear Waste for SA
The proposal must go to a serious planning stage as a necessary prelude to the development of nuclear power. Climate change has taken effect even to the way trees are reacting to it, and coal and oil are shown to be major contributors to the melting of the ice caps raising sea levels, the debate of climate change goes on.

But there is another dimension. We should be processing the fuel rods instead of exporting the raw material. The experiences of the past have created a safety regime in the Type 4 generators. Radium Hill and much of the SA outback is radio active including bore water and radio active waste from medical and industrial diagnostics is, or was, stored in the elevator shafts of the hospital and about 30 other locations in Adelaide.

While there will still be the vocal objections most are related to events of the past, unwilling to accept the fact of around 600 nuclear power plants operating around the world. The world population increasing by another 2.9 billion over the next 40 years is a far greater threat. The U.N. warns of food riots? Imagine that.

The extent to which Radium Hill is being further explored as a source of uranium ore since 1991 and the old mine site as an underground depository for low level waste appears on Google/Radium Hill and it is worth coming up to date with the world use of uranium and knowledge of these, our own developments as the need for energy rapidly expands. I made several trips in the mid 60’s from the sub station access on the Morgan road through Gluepot to the site and remain fascinated by the history of its existence and development, more so after visiting Hiroshima in 1952, barely 7 years after the blast..

.……. so never mind the hysterical theatre of a nuclear disaster build a proper storage facility while developing a biodegradation process . If terrorists want to steal it, let them, a glow worm gives off more energy.

To view public comment online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,26246813-5006301,00.html


2 Responses to "A Waste Facility in SA – Prelude to Nuclear Power"

Food riots?
Okay Bob, next time I see the pie cart you will forgive me if I kill you in the rush for my pie & sauce, because I am just plain hungry, what with all the other mob threatening to demolish the pies…that is just too awful to imagine??

The world is really beginning to suck!

Ebony, population is about 6.2 billion according to the U.N.. If the increase is another 50% or so in 40 years then of course there may be a problem. Looking back after 22 years in Asia in the Philippines I can recall about 1992 in San Fernando, there are so many children that schools in the bush are filled for two sessions to cope with the numbers.

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