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I still have a problem with the numbers of single fit men running away to Australia. No one from a terrorist nation should be allowed in. If they don’t like it there, then change it themselves and don’t hide here and expect our young men and women to risk their lives to fix it for them. Running away and bringing their ideology says a great deal about them. Is this being used for the opportunity for infiltration of another kind? Having lived and worked in the region, it is a very much hand to mouth that produces nothing except the barest existence and for Afghanistan, relies upon the patronage of the local chiefdoms who trickle down the wealth from the narco economy, a large part of which is supported by the drug dealers of Australia.

It is worth repeating that we should.enforce the understanding and compliance with our language and laws instead of allowing cultural sensitivities to slow down integration. Government literature to inform in 12 languages is supporting cultural ghettos. We are one nation with one flag and one language and integration is seriously retarded where language is delayed in any way..


Population growth is the total problem. A problem of consumption of food and water resources to sustain it. Population growth interferes with the natural order of things. If the situation is bad now with rising temperatures interfering with plant biology then another 2.8 billion souls by 2040 (U.N.figures), will add a huge impact to the environmental problems already known that are the basis of Copenhagen.

The current climate debates will deal with the obvious but- ultimately the capacity to produce enough food must be addressed. While the present situation appears grim, we have to live with our evolution but there is a larger dimension – the melting of the ice caps and the rising sea levels.

It is predicted that the North Polar regions will be clear of sheet ice within 30 years,and then start to freeze again ( NASA Satellite Imagery) In that event, a high tide surge of 1.2 meters with rising sea levels is the subject of much deliberation for the low lying Pacific island nations as it will be for the Mayor of Glenelg and trigger the dilemma of a population shift to higher ground.

First featured in Sunday Mail, November 22, 2009 ” SundayRoast”

Christmas Island.
So the recreational facilities are restricted and the tea and coffee a bit of a problem and so charges are likely to be laid and the Federal Police will intervene. It is both naive and quite pedestrian to think that anyone would care if they are prepared to accept death to set out on the journey at the start. “The pool cues are broken and the rioters will be threatened with deportation and not have their status considered”. Tut tut

Conditions are getting crowded? This will not do and broken pool cues?What will the rest of the World think of us? Well, we aint seen nothin’ yet. The brawls are just the beginning and should get the widest possible photo publicity with razor wire background countered with emphasis on due process and the priority of families with children. Laying charges? How very proper. it will mean nothing and a waste of time, money and resources but we will feel good about it, won’t we?being proper I mean, and we like to feel good about ourselves when we are being proper, don’t we?

Just what is it that we are afraid of Mr. Rudd?


Shadow Cabinet used to mean something. It kept the bastards honest but when more than 2000 questions remain unanswered in the Parliament it is losing its relevance. Shadow Cabinet then merely describes an old wardrobe with a door on it placed somewhere out under a tree in the shade. How sad. I wish it were not so and was real and dynamic. Something of value and purpose that attracted the disenchanted , the robbed , the cheated , the disadvantaged and those who have no voice for their share. Unless the Opposition updates its image and starts breathing fire and passion for the community instead of the pedestrian ”level playing field” to the present administration, there is unlikely to be any change. The morality of the Government serving only its tenure is evident, and its financial incompetence more so, for having “Rode Into the Valley of Debt” these past 7 years. Sad, and sad to say the Opposition appears to be sitting waiting for the wall to fall down to gain Government by default. Sad, that an opportunity to make a difference is ignored by just waiting. .

Some time ago after he was elected and then appointed Immigration Minister, Chris Evans publicly announced that he was not happy with the fact that his office was not transparent and set about to change the situation. For that alone we suggested that he deserved an accolade for making a rare comment in the National interest instead of Party interest and we wished that his tribe may increase.

A sharp sense of duty from politicians is indeed rare. Sharman Stone of the Opposition has much to learn from the facts rather than the perception. Firstly,the safety of the ship and her crew, who were outnumbered ,would override any and every other consideration while they remained on board and I especially focus that comment on the Greens to reflect on their sense of duty to the Nation rather than themselves. Any means at all to get them off the vessel has no argument, least of all a political one.

So what, there is or was a deal? Just what deal would Sharman Stone make or Sarah Hanson-Young and the Greens make, if members of the crew were held hostage and the ship hijacked to ransom of one kind or another?

A parliamentary report on Families SA has highlighted a culture of power and bullying within the department.The report’s executive summary refers to a “rotten culture of power” in Families SA and claims caseworkers are bullied by supervisors. Well, that is not surprising given recent history and spin.

That the problem is due to job cuts however,is both fatuous and merely serves another unrelated interest. From an old man who wept unashamedly at the death of the 9 year old boy from neglect of drug addict parents while under the watch of FamiliesSA and their responses at the time to this sad event, let me suggest it is an overpaid stuffshirt organisation from the very top, seen surrounded by family and friends as taxpayer funded staff elevated into positions of power – but who appear to have neither the morality for the responsibility or life experience and talent to exercise it.

It is a universal observation that overbearing attitudes to exert authority are a manifestation of a guilt complex, a fear of inadequacy being exposed, indeed, a weak character glad of the money but afraid of responsibilities constantly exerting a self protective shield. Sadly, the perception is of staff in the field denied any chance of expressing a natural care to the problems delivered to them. Protocols, regulations, indecision,media advisers,….and fear.

Story of the Report to the SA Parliament

This matter will just not go away after Mr. Foley was forced to disclose that ” fair” compensation was an obligation of the Government. Since when are expressions of interest leading to invitations for preliminary project planning subject to “compensation” Never been heard of unless obligations were exchanged. But cynically, the Premier is absent from the issue, making no comment and leaving Mr. Foley to carry the matter on his own. This is public money and the public has the right to know the details, Far better now that the transparency comes from your administration than later from an ICAC investigation Mr. Rann

” O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low? Are all thy glories, triumphs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure?” ( With apologies to Shakespeare)


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