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Message for Sarah Hanson Young and the Greens

Posted on: October 21, 2009

This is in response to a lead article of current news ABC Online October 3 – A legal challenge to deportation back to Indonesia at last point of departure.

The number of boat people are not all refugees, most are running away from despotic regimes for a sea change.It is a serious development that requires a serious consideration of the issues instead of the rhetoric and blame game. Firstly, the humanitarian response to genuine refugees, and I emphasise the genuine refugees without any other qualification. Secondly, the National interests. and I challenge Sarah Hanson Young to tell me if her current announcements are in the National interest and whether she herself, as an elected Senator know what those interests are. In the meantime I would tell her this…..

“We are a compassionate nation. Australia broadcasts its image to the World and we have made it too attractive for both extremes to ignore. One would love the promise of peace and plenty and the other would love to destroy it and they are very closely related. One has already been jailed for 9 years for an intent to destroy. Mr. Evans will not be diverted by you or the Greens tortuous reasoning. As the Minister, his first responsibility is to the Nation and while any compliance with treaties for immigration are clear, they should be enforced and the claim jumpers returned, in cuffs if necessary.

But families with children remain the best outcome for compliance with Treaties and integration that ultimately leads to harmony and a reduction of social prejudice. As Immigration Minister, Mr. Evans knows this and so does Sharman Stone of the Opposition and that should never be compromised by fit young men in boats,or indeed, those elected into positions of power who have neither life experience or the talent to exercise it.


3 Responses to "Message for Sarah Hanson Young and the Greens"

This is a great post Robert.

Clearly compassion is what we do best of all in Australia, I think we see the human emotion in this lot of boat people ( the heart wrenching image of the young girl ) and have put aside any other baggage like extremist connotations.

Ebony, thank you. As you have read between the lines, I have an abiding problem with fit, unattached males who have run away. My experience among them in the 70’s demonstarted that there is little or no social cohesion that would unite any group to challenge a despotic regime..Something quite different to the community values that we have developed over the past 300 years or so that are the basis of the rule of law which should be taught to children.

Cheers from Rob

Message —–

Now that Wilson (Ironbar) Tuckey has entered the debate with his disgraceful comments, its obvious to me that our politicians are not equpped to reach a solution to what is a global human tragedy. The asylum seeker problem has gone beyond politics and needs the expertise of authorities that can determine who is or should be allowed here and any doubtfuls returned from whence they came. Surely after so many years of this problem there must be some among the authorities that regard themselves as experts at seeing through false declarations of need for asylum.

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