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One would have thought that the loss of sub tropical forest timber from fires and demand in the rest of the world would have been the core strength of the proposal to bring all the heads together in one place in Mt.Gambier. Fires in Queensland at the moment should awaken to the fact that thousands of tons of CO2 that has been absorbed by the vegetation growth over 50 years or so has gone back into the atmosphere in as many hours.

The sheer weight of population, the UN says over 9 billion by 2050, needs to be housed as well as fed and that housing, however primitive, needs timber much of which will be cut from virgin forests, not plantations and right there is the problem for Environmental Agencies. Our Mr, Rudd says we should have 35 million.

It makes no sense however,to ignore the future for either timber or food by cutting the opportunity for access to scientific and practical solutions, quite the reverse applies. Radically expanded on farm plantations.in any form that will fit without encroaching on areas for food will need the best scientific and updated practical advise for growth, harvest, and replant to maintain the maximum CO2 absorption, and and it needs to be available in more than a glossy folder printed by the bureaucracy which will never replace one on one exchange of knowledge and experience .. .


This Labor Government must accept the responsibility for making the state more expensive than any other to do any business that employs people. Bridgestone Tyre is pulling out which cuts the revenue from land tax, payroll tax and business taxes to the state and its 600 employees lose their jobs which adds to the cost of support services from the state. Adelaide is a constant liability, barely a conduit for wealth generated from outside the city and a 30 year plan to add 500,000 more into the square mile is so flawed as to be idiotic in view of the current dearth of infrastructure, opportunities, and law and order.

We could have advanced the state enormously these past 7 years if politicians faced reality and transparency. Political theatre for party interests became the governance instead of community values and we have all those billion dollar grandiosities from one member of the junta to the next ,yet all the while the cost of Government has eroded the revenue by another $2.9 billion,” lost from investments”…and there are still 6 forms for applications to school card instead of one….and, more than $174 million in unpaid fines from over 500,000 social delinquents that cannot be collected. The record speaks the truth, how sad this is for 600 Bridgestone employees and their families and their loss of social inclusion.

This is in response to a lead article of current news ABC Online October 3 – A legal challenge to deportation back to Indonesia at last point of departure.

The number of boat people are not all refugees, most are running away from despotic regimes for a sea change.It is a serious development that requires a serious consideration of the issues instead of the rhetoric and blame game. Firstly, the humanitarian response to genuine refugees, and I emphasise the genuine refugees without any other qualification. Secondly, the National interests. and I challenge Sarah Hanson Young to tell me if her current announcements are in the National interest and whether she herself, as an elected Senator know what those interests are. In the meantime I would tell her this…..

“We are a compassionate nation. Australia broadcasts its image to the World and we have made it too attractive for both extremes to ignore. One would love the promise of peace and plenty and the other would love to destroy it and they are very closely related. One has already been jailed for 9 years for an intent to destroy. Mr. Evans will not be diverted by you or the Greens tortuous reasoning. As the Minister, his first responsibility is to the Nation and while any compliance with treaties for immigration are clear, they should be enforced and the claim jumpers returned, in cuffs if necessary.

But families with children remain the best outcome for compliance with Treaties and integration that ultimately leads to harmony and a reduction of social prejudice. As Immigration Minister, Mr. Evans knows this and so does Sharman Stone of the Opposition and that should never be compromised by fit young men in boats,or indeed, those elected into positions of power who have neither life experience or the talent to exercise it.

Only $80 Million? I challenge the Treasurer to tell the truth. There is a $8 billion debt owed to the PS that is on record to be “on track by 2034” and almost $1.6 billion to Work Cover. Mr. Foley,you have over 8000 Govt cars in your portfolio with 7 accidents a day costing $1.7 million to fix and you recently spent $52 million for the Clipsal/Gerrard property and $6 million each for trams that are less complicated than 270 ton electric dump trucks at $4 million.Furthermore, they could have been built here in Tonsley.

The software system contracted in 2002 for $22 million due for completion in 2011 has blown out to $45 million and is far away from completion. Did you or did you not divert $80 million from the specific bequests to the RAH Research programme to that other hospital project? There are 125,000 public servant recipients being paid $285 million a year with hundreds in the waiting room for re assignment on full pay for many years yet, your administration added an extra 16,000 plus.

This Labor Government policy has abused the efforts of barely 800,000 residents who, by their personal and corporate effort, provide your revenue. You lost $2.9 billion of it from “investments” instead of paying the bills.

To view story and public comment online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,26179641-5006301,00.html

Independents Plan Power Play (Border Times Editorial Oct 6)

A “disparate bunch” is the phrase Professor Dean Jaensch coined to describe the unlikely alliance of regional independent MPs and Nationals minister Karlene Maywald who are seeking to win the balance of power at next year’s state election.

Hardly “Power Play” which always has connotations of corruption and we have enough of that already in the corrupt morality of the two party system.. Both major parties have lost their identity. In a study of policy that has lead to performance. it is easy to conclude that public policy has been replaced by party policy and in the process separated politics out of the community into a comfort zone of its own.

The state population is too small to support the grandiosities of the past 7 years. The revenue to fund the constant spin is just not there . Barely 800,000  create the wealth by their personal and corporate effort in SA, yet this Administration has gambled and lost $2.9 billion of it from investments instead of bringing the $10 billion debt that is costing over $1.34 million a day under control. We could have advanced the state enormously these past 7 years if politicians were honest and faced the truth, that the cost of Government is destroying incentive to exploit the opportunities that have been available

The independents are not interested in power play but transparency and accountability. No public funds should be hidden from disclosure, least of all by a politician. A junta that exercises an arrogant abuse of power to hide its weakness and uncertainties has reason to fear for its future. More so when those elevated into positions of power have little of life experience or the morality to exercise it.

This Government has run the state into a debt so large that our grandchildren will be paying for it. This ruling junta will go to great spin to divert attention from the responsibility for the truth. Barely 800,000 of the total population of 1.58 million provide the revenue by their personal and corporate effort, yet the Government has gambled and  lost $2.9 billion of it from investments. Has Treasury become so flush with money that it can afford to ignore this huge loss? or  paying the debts?  or making no attempt to recover $174 million from over 500,000 unpaid fines – representing one third of the entire state population? Is the rest of the State just the milch for this citycentric mentality?. Think about it.The city is a constant liability.  It is barely a conduit,provides no wealth for the community and drains the resources provided by the rest of the State.with little and  nothing provided by Government to the country in return.
To view story and our comment online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,26107066-2682,00.html

A union is warning South Australians to expect longer queues and delays for government services because of public service cuts.

Public Service Association general secretary Jan McMahon says 28 workers took redundancy packages last week.

Well,there are over 125,000 public service recipients of over $285 million a year with hundreds on full pay in the “waiting room” waiting re-assignment. To bully the long suffering public with threats of delays in all areas because of the loss of 28 of that number is an obscenity.



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