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There is a chance, getting more evident from these sorts of irrelevance, to restore community values to governance instead of the arrogant abuse of power by those who are short on morality or life’s experience and talent to exercise it.. The independents, and the Nationals are getting stronger, driven by the acute need for transparency. Very often the print media, not always perfect, exposes only a thread extracted from FOI.where the elected Opposition fails. If it were not so, we would have no effective opposition to the corrupt morality of the two party dominants.. The Libs and Steve might well protest, but the Libs sitting down at secret dinners paid for by developers for no other reason than to level the playing field with the Government says a great deal about the moral values of both of them.
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The Immigration Minister says the intake could be adjusted to the economy but more than that there is a national security risk with the numbers of single fit men. Have  they run away from failing societies in the Middle East or is there another reason? . We have a problem with that. It we need to have an immigration policy determined by the economy then let it be for families with children from those countries – and enforce the understanding and compliance with our laws and customs instead of buckling under cultural sensitivities – the root cause of social prejudice. Australia broadcasts its image to the World and we have made it too attractive for both extremes to ignore. One would love the promise of peace and plenty and the other would love to destroy it.

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Fix it now, not in 30 years

Barely 800,000 of the total population of 1.58 million of South Australia provide the revenue by their personal and corporate effort, yet the Government has gambled and lost $2.9 billion of it from investments. Has Treasury become so flush with money that it can afford to ignore this huge loss? Or paying the $10 billion standing debt load? Or making no attempt to recover $174 million from over 500,000 unpaid fines – one third of the entire state population? Is the rest of the State just the milch for this citycentric mentality to accommodate another half a million people within the existing boundaries? Think about it. The city is a constant liability. It provides no wealth for the community and drains the resources provided by the rest of the State, with little and then nothing provided by Government in return. Pre-election 30 year wizardry? Almost as bad as the Treasurer 25 year wizardry pontificating that the $8 billion owed to the Public Service “would be on track by 2034”.

Response to Ian Henschke  interview on ABC StatelineSA with the State Planning Minister, Paul Holloway = the Government 30 Year Plan to increase Adelaide population by 500,000 over 30 years – on ABC eMails.

Governance by community values needs to be restored instead of the party self interests from one election to the next. Eureka comes to mind when protest set the core of our values against arrogant abuse of power by those elected into office who have neither the talent or the morality to exercise it. The precedent of mass civil disobedience against such arrogance exists. Over 500,000 – representing one third of the entire State population – have refused to pay $174 million in fines and the amount is increasing.

The Press and TV News of the assaults in broad daylight by gangs, the knife threat to the bus driver by a 10 year old and over 231 other events these past 3 months are harrowing to read. Magill Correctional Centre has been condemmed by some UN expert, so the Federal Government steps in. For what , I wonder?

But has the Judiciary foresaken the community? The four jails planned have been scrapped because the State is broke, but they were to be five star with individual rooms, TV, hot water and the comforts of intensive care . Makes one think about the purpose of prison.

It should not be a pleasant place. It is a place of both retribution and repentance. It should never be so comfortable or convenient that it serves as cheap alternative accommodation for the inmates. It must not be a place of cruelty, but must be a place of hardship, discomfort and difficulty. It should not serve as a cheap default education system either. It is not suitable as a place of last resort for the mentally ill. A prisoner should not profit from his crimes, and anti social behaviour except that he learn to forsake them.

Those that will not learn shall repeat the exercise until they do, or they perish. Capital punishment must remain a viable option for the most heinous crimes, including treason.

We would hope that the Greens compare their philosophy with that of this great man. Like many of his kind, quiet and unassuming, and whose talents in the field of genetics relating to food have no parallel yet.

America produced a few other quiet achievers related to food. Rockefeller, Henry Ford the Elder, J.P.Morgan, men who never paid themselves a salary but lived well on the dividends from their shares and gave most of it away.

Golden Rice is one program to benefit= developed to cope with acidic tropical soils that deprived children and pregnant women of Vitamin A in paddy rice, a leading cause of blindness. This project was largely funded by Rockefeller and Ford Foundation and further developed at the International Rice Research Institute in Manila.

The Greens have had the opportunity to be relevant by supporting the scientists and the farmers to produce more food on land that we already farm without cutting into the forest habitat instead of childish political stunts that have no substance or relevance.

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The Open Forum convened by the Nationals on October 2  is to address the disproportionate contribution made to the wealth and revenue of the State by regions in SA.It will address also the citycentric morality of the two major parties, that has strengthened the independents and the Nationals SA. Much of this shift is driven by the absence of truth and transparency of the present Administration challenged more often by the press than the elected Opposition..We could have advanced the State enormously if  politicians were not only honest and told the truth ut were prepared to face the truth instead of the ducking and weaving of hundreds of media advisers.to follow party self interest from one election to the next


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