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The Eyes Have It – Mirrors of the Soul

Posted on: August 30, 2009

Have you realised that TV hosts and newscasters look you straight in the eye when they speak? and it is quite comfortable and mutually respectful , isn’t it? The message is addressed direct to our perceptors. But have you noticed that some politicians are afraid to do so? These coming months we will be assailed with pre election media  and much of it in TV. It is the eyes, the “mirrors of the soul” . The eyes of credible people convey a credible  message consistent with the plain meaning of the spoken word and they speak straight to us – the eyes are in sync with the rest of the picture, the body , the stance, indeed, the eyes have it. But have you noticed that several State politicians including the Treasurer never look at you when they are speaking to you in front of the camera? What does that convey to you, I wonder?


2 Responses to "The Eyes Have It – Mirrors of the Soul"

I agree with most of it, though as a counsellor it can be helpful to avert constant eye contact to the nose or middle of the face, rather than cause discomfort by maintaining eye contact for lengthy periods.

A TV newscaster or host, is not so intimidating, and yes I admit to thinking people are either a bit dodgy or dishonest if they can’t look you in the eye, especially on meeting….okay, does this apply to pollies??

Interesting Ebony. I have in recent times in respect to TV, taken the view that if the one in the screen is expecting me to dwell on the words to accept them then I expect him to be addressing me not a tree out to one side. I find the word is likely to be credible where the speaker is actually looking at me and in that respect, much the same as if I were half a meter away across the table.which is where most verbal interactio has taken place in the past – in my family and my office anyway but the Chinese are very intimidated by it and tend not to be devious as a result.. As a counsellor, your experience and possibly training would make you much more qualified than I for I have never taken that path, but I have found that the eyes of the credible convey a meaning consistent with the plain meaning of the spoken word, and it is not necessary or desirable to maintain a constant with eyes that are in sync with the rest of the presentation.. I think too, of eyes that match the sounds that support the feeling of the messenger and are consistent with the message.We speak with the body too! Of course, when the eyes do not have it, as it were, we know it. Mr. Foley is my consistent example.

Cheers from Bob

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