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The Greens and the oil slick. The Greens must move to the next level, which requires a great deal more research and study on their part, better and more careful analysis of the statements they make to restore some credibility. The Greens say the slick is bigger and now 20km off the coast, the Minister says it is not true and he has the means to determine the veracity of his statement. If the Greens have not flown over the site with a GPS, then it is just another stunt.

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September 6.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has sent planes yesterday Sept 7  to assess the clean-up of the leaking West Atlas oil and gas rig off Western Australia.

An AMSA spokeswoman says the oil slick has come within 170 kilometres of the Western Australian coast. So much for the Greens and their inability to tell the truth.


The tax does not go far enough it just stops at Government revenue but the real deterrent to the increasing social sabotage is to remove the  self inflicted medical conditions from the free health system and change it to user pays. Imagine how far the drink driving accidents would dry up if the consequences of damage and loss of life and limb to the innocents were included? or the drunken assaults.or beating up casualty staff in the hospital at 2 am. I have to wait 4 months for a specialist to examine if my prostate lump  is malignant and that has just been put off for another month because he and thousands of hospital and ambo staff are overloaded – attending to  the party boys and girls?. If they had to pay for the consequences they inflict upon themselves and others from the effects of their booze and smoke then possibly more than half would avoid the attention of doctors, hospitals and the Courts  by quitting  – it would be just too costly.

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Corruption is a state of our own mind throughout Greater Asia where any benefits real or imaginary require facilitation of one kind or another. To the locals it is quite normal – the distribution of wealth.

After 22 years in the region, I believe we should be wary of starting health and education programmes in Afghanistan, or re-starting the food aid, or importantly, diverting what soil there is from the narco economy funding the terrorists. Firstly,  it will be seen to legitimise the present use of force to do so by some of the powerful local Afghanis, and secondly. just how much of the material effort is likely to be diverted to the warlords? as in Somalia. If we are to do this at all,we need to encourage the locals to see and feel that democracy is not only preferable but desirable, by our example, by advice, and by assistance., and yes, military assistance.

It will be a long-term job limited by corruption, and at considerable risk, so why are we there ?. This is the breeding ground of an ideology of death and destruction that has spread rapidly.

Who could forget the chilling images of captives having their throat cut by those who believe that they will dwell in Paradise for having done so?.  Al Queda’s success with the demoralized has demonstrated the necessity of this task and the recent Holsworthy Case reinforces that need. If the political, military or religious despots and terrorists can collectively lay claim to half of the World, then they will most certainly try for the other half.

But what of the hundreds of fit unattached males currently at Christmas Island? or the fifty more that were escorted to the Island on August 26,  or hundreds more sheltered by corrupt local officials in small coastal villages in remote areas of Indonesia? Are they merely the fleetfooted of failing societies?  or the beginning of something else. Australia broadcasts its image to the World and we have made it too attractive for both extremes to ignore. One would love the promise of peace and plenty and the other would love to destroy it.

Have you realised that TV hosts and newscasters look you straight in the eye when they speak? and it is quite comfortable and mutually respectful , isn’t it? The message is addressed direct to our perceptors. But have you noticed that some politicians are afraid to do so? These coming months we will be assailed with pre election media  and much of it in TV. It is the eyes, the “mirrors of the soul” . The eyes of credible people convey a credible  message consistent with the plain meaning of the spoken word and they speak straight to us – the eyes are in sync with the rest of the picture, the body , the stance, indeed, the eyes have it. But have you noticed that several State politicians including the Treasurer never look at you when they are speaking to you in front of the camera? What does that convey to you, I wonder?

Re: Current Forestry Conference Mt. Gambier

The production of food and forestry dominates our surface land and water use. Agriculture already uses about 40% of the World’s land area and the next 50 years or so at the present rate of population expansion, this area must produce 3 times the current output without increasing the land area to produce it. Population to our North is growing at the rate of 20 million every 3 months. (FAO) Forests are the key wildlife habitat and still cover about one third of the World’s arable land surface but people in the next century will be literate, computerised and better housed and in Greater Asia, will not tolerate a life of stoop labour in the paddy field. Will there be any natural forests left? Timber yield is driving biotechnology and genetic engineering for forest plantations to increase yield per hectare from about 3 cubic meters to more than 35 cubic meters without cutting into the wildlands, or if World population trends to 8.75 billion by 2050 is any indication, cutting into lands that can produce food. That will be the challenge.
The wood saving technologies of computerised saws, tooth design, chipboard and laminated rafters and house framing are allowing the timber industry to obtain 12 to 15 times more usable wood and paper from each hectare logged in the 1940’s and high yields from genetic engineering and cloning biotechnology. The now well known yellow pine plantations established in Georgia in the U.S. produce about 15 C.M per hectare but the yellow pine in the coastal belt of Brazil cloned from high yield trees produces some 50 C.M per hectare in the same length of time. Similar changes to the yields for eucalyptus, loblolly pine, yellow poplar and Philippine mahogany for paper and paperboard have been made.
All the while plantations make good habitat but the real potential is to prevent the loss of land for food production and stopping the need to log the natural forest lands.

The need for fast light urban rail is obvious to the Seaford area  and Murray Bridge. Both of these  provide for developers to look at the long haul instead of the fast buck. There is plenty of land to provide an urban rural environment South and East. The problem is and will remain the  public utilities to service it.  The expansion opportunities are already  among the independents including the NationalsSA  to consider Murray Bridge as a satellite suburb of Adelaide.but neither the Labor Transport Minister or the Opposition Member for Hammond have vision beyond the next election, and the  one after that….

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The Libs have no sense of identity and like Labor have to engage with untested and untried people. With respect to John Alexander, a tennis player wannabe politician, he should never have been seen shuffling tennis balls but shown demonstrating his talent for the job and smiling is  not one of them. Celebrities do not make good public material and are for the most part carried by the Departmental Heads who must themselves sometimes duck and weave public scrutiny. The Dinners for Funds and Favours set up by Rann is suspect yet the LIbs do the same.”to level the playing field”, and not for the purity of the practice and so the perception is  that both sides are of the same morality. Let us hope that the independents, Nationals SA perhaps who are so far untainted by the mendacity will become the balance of power and use it to restore governance by community values instead of the narrow interests of either party from one election to the next..

To view public comment online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,25993082-5006301,00.html


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