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Energy 24/7 from Wind? – Forget it

Posted on: July 23, 2009

The Greens have no idea, just lunge at the issue without any substance.The grid needs to be energised 24/7 Get off the wind source of energy for the grid because wind cannot sustain energy 24/7 and neither can the sun. On a good windy day it might enable some of the coal fired generators to shut down for the duration of just a few hours but they will burn twice as much coal to heat up again before steam is produced to drive the generators.Try making the tea Mr. Parnell after the kettle is off the boil for an hour or so.. Domestic solar to remove up to 60% of energy consumption would start to make a difference and would provide hot water at the same time leaving coal for industry until a workable sustainable alternative. Hot rocks are a possibility, the Philippines generates 450Mw from the geothermal field at the base of Mt. Makiling 75 Kms south of Manila. That field also has 2 x 25 Mw Ormat systems that use the heat from underground to vaporise pentane impinging on turbine generators. As it cools it liquefies and pumped back into storage for re-use in a closed circuit 24/7 system.

To view this story and comments  online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,25817525-2682,00.html


1 Response to "Energy 24/7 from Wind? – Forget it"

Certainly… The best way to have cheaper and more accessible power is to use less of it!

Home grown solar power is still a way off economically because our power is too cheap!

The very best way to have a big impact on domestic power bills and dramatically reduce carbon emmisions is to install thermal solar hot water panels on every roof!

We should have done that instead of sending everyone $900.00

For our hotter regions, geothermal cooling is also available but comes at a cost.

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