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The Memory Stick is Missing, Believed Stolen – Oh! Woe is Us – It has all the plans, specifications and detailed costings – $1.7 billion. – What Will We Do Now – Call Piorot?  but we might have to cancel the Project if it cannot be found.

Folks, consider for a moment this as a deliberate leak to prepare a plausable but undignified exit from the hospital project. It is as diaphanous as secondhand toilet paper. How else would anyone cover up except by running to the police, shouting foul , stageing  theatricals of calling the staff, making an investigation, and keep the matter alive by announcing that the USB stick cannot be found nor the culprit. Do you think he exists? The financial crisis cannot now  be blamed for dropping the project so the “theft”  of the USB would appear a more credible reason to drop it and the “employee”  made no backup copy Oh! Woe is us,  In the meantime, Poirot and I would suspect  there are 5 copies circulating, if indeed they do exist,- one in the safe of a Quantity Surveyor.. Mr. Hill will just have the huge cost in credibility and money to  change the whole project  design and specifications again, wont he? But hiding in the wings is the dropping of the jail project that has cost $10.5 million so far. Oh! Woe is us – what will dropping the hospital cost?

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The Shortfalls

With no disrespect to the  Treasury Under Treasurer, Jim Wright, it is the hardest thing to step up and take the flak when your boss cannot lose face by having to admit a failure, but this matter is just one very small part of  of shortfalls making up the present Government and its actions to stem the tide of social unrest by regurgitating spin. The biggest shortfall is mates given positions of power who have little of life’s experiences nor the talent to exercise it. A classic shortfall is the $174 million of uncollected fines from over 500,000 social delinquents and the balls to collect it. On the other end of the fall, is  the cost of 7 application forms for School Card when only one should have been made to provide the information.required to implement the scheme. The shortfall is the failure to reduce the paper and costs by producing just one. The other shortfall is a lack of motivation to do so..

To view story, public comment and ours online go to: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/comments/0,,25843880-5006301,00.html

Agricultural land that has any potential to produce food other than grazing should remain that way unfettered by the risk of mining to destroy its productive capacity. The reasons are clear. Population will be 8.74 billion by 2050 and increasing 20 million every 3 months to our North. Subsistence farming in the sub tropics cannot sustain such growth and those small farmers burn a lot of wood, sometimes setting fire to the forest and they have a lot of children who as they grow up and move on will not accept a like of stoop labor in the paddy .Rising affluence of the young is the reason for our meat exports passing the billion dollar mark, much of it in Big Max.

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Savings? What savings? Over 8000 Government cars, one for every 175 of the total population.7 accidents a day cost $2.5 million in repairs last year and Treasury publishes the word savings?

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$7 million Savings? This is no State Savings. and  $52 million to buy a piece of dirt in exchange for political support that did not happen. Just what did that save?.

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$7 million savings? What bluddy savings? 1,600 PS reduction over 4 years? Impossible – a blind man can see that the revenue is in such  fragmented disorganisation that it does the Under Secretary no credit to join the spin  of deception. The state is broke. $12 billion of billowing debt is indeed a debt by any other name whether it be “unfunded liability” or ” $8 billion on track by 2034″ or whether the inability to rein in $174 million from over 500,000 unpaid fines. Treasury needs to have a very close look at what they see in the mirror and to consider more carefully whether they should publish assessments that are credible, that would withstand not only the scrutiny of the public but also the Auditor General who is on record as having complained that unaudited data is being presented to the Parliament to support Government agendas. It is time too, that Treasury disclosed whether the interest bill on borrowings has reached $1.5 million a day.

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The Greens have no idea, just lunge at the issue without any substance.The grid needs to be energised 24/7 Get off the wind source of energy for the grid because wind cannot sustain energy 24/7 and neither can the sun. On a good windy day it might enable some of the coal fired generators to shut down for the duration of just a few hours but they will burn twice as much coal to heat up again before steam is produced to drive the generators.Try making the tea Mr. Parnell after the kettle is off the boil for an hour or so.. Domestic solar to remove up to 60% of energy consumption would start to make a difference and would provide hot water at the same time leaving coal for industry until a workable sustainable alternative. Hot rocks are a possibility, the Philippines generates 450Mw from the geothermal field at the base of Mt. Makiling 75 Kms south of Manila. That field also has 2 x 25 Mw Ormat systems that use the heat from underground to vaporise pentane impinging on turbine generators. As it cools it liquefies and pumped back into storage for re-use in a closed circuit 24/7 system.

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The most significant result of the elections in Queensland  is the dismal irrelevance of the Greens in the outcome. The unsubstantiated environmental issues and policies that have clearly developed from a selective lucky dip. What really matters in saving natural wildlands in Australia, is what we do with agriculture and forestry, activities that dominate our land and water use. Agriculture already uses about 40% of the World land area, and the next 30 years or so will demand 3 times the output without any increase of land use to produce it. This is where the Greens should be. The financial crisis in developing countries produces more children. Population to our North has been increasing at the rate of 20 million every 3 months. The Greens should avoid issues which erode not only  their credibility for lack of knowledge and understanding of the issues, but the very basis of their political origins as well. Queensland has exposed the problem for them. There is only one proven strategy to preserve the natural habitats and that is high yield conservation. It is only scientists and farmers who can achieve this balance and the Greens are poorly positioned to support true conservation for the very reasons that are necessary to do so..


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